23 Photography Blogs To Bookmark Right Now

Looking to refresh your photo blog bookmark folder ASAP? We’ve rounded up our very favorite photography blogs to help you learn some cool new tips and tricks.


One of the best ways to advance your career or hobby towards becoming a more professional photographer is to explore different types of photography, and also to study the work of more skilled photographers. Thankfully, living in the Internet age has given us a wealth of photography blogs to pore over and learn from.

Checking out other photography blogs is a great way to get ideas for your own work, pushing you to create amazing new stuff, which, in turn, you can use to improve your photography portfolio—and land you more clients and gigs. (You may even be inspired to start a photo blog of your own!)

Whether you’re hoping to capture still life with the finesse of Jeff Wall, broaden your range of skills through more technical-based tutorials, or simply find that extra edge for your wedding photography business, there’s a photo blog for you. Let’s check out 23 of our favorite blogs that will give you all the tips and techniques to take your photography work to the next level.

Tutorial Photography Blogs

Behind the Shutter

Amateurs and pros can benefit from some time spent on photo blog Behind the Shutter. Aside from a vast catalog of helpful tutorials for evolving your photography practice, like nailing a portrait using just one light or creating colored shadows with various gels, Behind the Shutter takes you, well, behind the shutter. Be it business tips to get the most bang for your buck, cheap tools that achieve professional results, or entertaining op-eds on the life of a working photographer, it’s easy to get lost on there.

Cambridge in Colour

Don’t let the somewhat dated interface fool you: Cambridge in Colour is a longstanding institution with a rich history. Founded in 2005, they have amassed a strong community of photographers and visual artists with a passion for knowledge-sharing. Cambridge in Colour may not refer to itself as a photo blog site, but their philosophy suggests otherwise: instead of showing you how something is done, they’ll explain why. Why is it that sharpness is such a misunderstood concept in photo editing? Why do photo prints always seem to lose their on-screen vibrance? Cambridge in Colour will get you up to speed on everything there is to know about photography, from the best lenses and equipment to today’s leading photography techniques and styles.

DIY Photography

DIY Photography is the premier online destination for evolving your photography skills—and business—on a budget. Easily one of the best photography blogs on the web, DIYP teaches you how to work smarter, not harder. With a number of cool, genuinely eye-opening tutorials, learn which everyday, readily-available items can help you achieve professional results, like how to capture a stunning portrait using something as common as an umbrella. Or find out how to take photos with even more confidence by simply improving the grip of your DSLR!

Dave Morrow Photography

Dave Morrow is living out every artist’s fantasy: he quit a high-paying, demanding corporate job to pursue his dream of becoming a photographer. Now, he is a landscape photography virtuoso who has created a powerhouse photography blog with a wide range of videos and how-to guides for photographers of all kinds. Thanks to Dave Morrow, you may never shoot a sand dune the same way again. In fact, the only thing he seems to like more than landscape photography is sharing everything he knows about it. (Want to learn even more about building a landscape photography business? Check out our guides on building your own landscape photography portfolio website and where to sell your landscape photography online.

Raj Photo Editing Tutorials

Given how much you can do with Photoshop, knowing what to do—and where to stop—feels impossible sometimes. That’s where Raj comes in; his tutorial vlog covers everything from the fundamentals of photo editing through the more demanding, advanced stuff, like creating a photorealistic fire-breathing dragon, all on your mobile phone. If you prefer the video format for learning, look no further than Raj’s channel, which is easily one of the best photo blogs for photo editing and touch-up work.

Travel Photography Blogs

Expert Vagabond

One minute, you’re casually browsing a travel blog. The next, you’re quitting your job, packing your bags, and jetting halfway around the world to begin a new adventure. Expert Vagabond is that inspiring. With this photography blog, you can learn all about the latest and greatest travel gear for globetrotting photographers, along with numerous useful tips for taking your craft overseas (and beyond), like how to pack efficiently or protect yourself against theft. But it’s the expertly-crafted photographs and affecting stories contained within that will truly get you.

Beers and Beans

Landing somewhere between photojournalism and a standard travel blog, Beth and Randy know how to capture raw, authentic moments. Case in point: their piece on the brewmasters behind America’s first brewery at sea. Be it in the foothills of Patagonia or the streets of New York City, Beers and Beans sidesteps the traditional photo blog approach in favor of focusing on the human experience, and the things we can accomplish by coming together. Who wouldn’t want to volunteer at a winery in Tuscany? Even if you’re hungover, Beth and Randy still have your back.

Richard Bernabe

For photographers, travelling is both a literal and creative journey. New surroundings evoke new feelings, which informs the way you see and document the world around you. Richard Bernabe is a seasoned adventurer whose travel photo blog is the gold standard. From getting the most out of your shot while on the road to clever life hacks for falling asleep 30,000 feet in the air, there is no shortage of inspirational content on Bernabe’s blog.

Around the World in Eighty Years

Who says a travel blog can’t have an activist bent? As someone who cares deeply about the environment, Jim O’Donnell’s Around the World in Eighty Years is part photography blog site, part photo gallery, and part public forum for ruminating on conservation efforts throughout the United States and more. His photography is downright stunning, oftentimes used to illustrate a key point, like how deforestation in Panama is affecting not just its wildlife, but the locals, too. This photo blog is also great for tips on how to travel the world mindfully, whether it’s ways to keep waste to a minimum or reduce your carbon footprint.

Portrait and Photojournalism Photography Blogs

Steve McCurry

With over 30 years of experience, Steve McCurry is a master of portrait photography. He’s drawn to real, everyday people that he encounters while out and about in the far corners of the world. His portraits have been organized on his photography blog under specific themes, like the daily lives of people who reside in coastal regions. Or the many faces of courage, with portraits spanning Finland, Tibet, and Pakistan, all the way to Los Angeles. Nowadays, however, McCurry’s anchored in India, where he is currently exploring the country’s rich, vibrant culture through his lens.

Fiona Kelly Photography

Fiona Kelly lifts the veil on wedding photography on her eponymous wedding photography blog. For the past five years, Kelly has been recounting her experiences as a wedding photographer, along with the helpful tips she’s learned along the way, like how to nail the perfect group shot. She is intimately attuned to the craft; her genuine love and passion for weddings is reflected in every thoughtful post. It’s a great place to start in learning some techniques for your own wedding photography business.

Feature Shoot

Call it a magazine, call it a photo blog—both do the trick. Feature Shoot does exactly as the name suggests: they feature work from up-and-coming and established photographers alike, publishing exhaustive profiles documenting their creative spirit and their latest photo series.

Reportage by Getty Images

Everyone knows the stock agency Getty Images. But what about [Reportage], their photo blog? If not, it’s definitely worth a peek. With a roster of world-renowned photographers and documentarians—like Peter Dench, Paula Bronstein, and Laurent Van der Stockt, as well as some emerging talent—Reportage features the real-life stories behind some truly stunning photos. Spend enough time on Reportage and you will agree: it’s one of the best photography blogs out there.

Fashion Photography Blogs

Fashion Photography Blog

In a landscape as competitive as fashion photography, budding shooters need all the guidance they can get. Leading the pack is the simply-named Fashion Photography Blog—there’s no better place to start than here. Whether you’re looking for industry-insider tips for getting ahead, useful organizations every pro should join, or even how to retouch skin naturally, this photo blog covers all the bases.

The Fashion Camera

The Fashion Camera is another incredibly useful resource for photographers navigating an often-tumultuous industry. Liselotte Fleur, who oversees the site and is its chief blogger, peppers in her personal stories about what it’s actually like to be a fashion photographer (including, for example, how you can land your first book cover). With over 12 years of experience, including work with top brands across Europe, Fleur’s long-standing photo blog is a boon to fashion shooters.

Tina Picard

Simplicity is at the core of Tina Picard’s work. The Canadian photographer and noted fashionista’s subjects are usually captured against a neutral, nondescript backdrop, anchoring the focus on them and their muted ensembles. Learn all about her work and creative process by checking out her photo blog, which offers readers an informative and entertaining glimpse into her professional journey.


Fashiontography is the top photography blog for the most hardcore of hardcore fashion enthusiasts. Fashiontography curates photos from the world’s leading designers and brands, with a detailed, granular breakdown of what you’re looking at and why it’s important.

Food Photography Blogs

We Eat Together

Just as Larry David is considered the comedian’s comedian, We Eat Together is the food photographer’s food photography blog. The Internet was missing a one-stop shop for learning the craft of food photography prior to We Eat Together, and its creator, Skyler Burt, has worked tirelessly to publish useful, relevant content for photographers and food bloggers. Tips include simple, clever tricks to get the most out of your food shot and cheap lighting options for food photographers just starting out.

Street Photography Blogs

Jason Teale

Based out of Korea, Jason Teale thrives out in the world, where he captures the beauty all around us. (His night shots are especially gorgeous.) Aside from Teale’s still street photography, he’s also a gifted cinemagraph creator, so cruising his photo blog, might also yield a cinemagraph tip or two.

Olaf Photo Blog

Street photographer Olaf Sztaba has honed and perfected the craft of capturing incredible photographs over the past 35 years. Olaf Photo Blog is an essential resource and one of the best photography blogs for understanding what it means to be a photographer with purpose. Whether it’s getting over imposter syndrome or balancing technical and artistic perfection, Olaf Photo Blog explores interesting ideas that extend well beyond the craft itself.

Inspirational Photography Blogs

Chase Jarvis

Not only is Chase Jarvis a world-renowned photographer with an amazing reputation in the industry, but his photography blog also offers something very different than the average blog. His blog has developed into something more than just photography as his articles feature many interviews of successful individuals from all industries and walks of life, with the aim to educate his following with more than just photography, but how to be better entrepreneurs, creators, thinkers and most of all better human beings.

Photography News Blogs


This two-man juggernaut, known as PetaPixel is one of the most popular photography news blogs, followed by more than a million on Twitter and half a million on Facebook. While PetaPixel syndicates content from other photography sites, it gathers some of the best news in the photo world in a timely manner, and it has become a one-stop shop for many photographers. Their popularity literally speaks in numbers.

PetaPixel also has a popular original podcast show which we at Format have sponsored and supported in the past!


When it comes to covering the latest photography news and gear reviews, nothing comes close to DPReview. Ever since they’ve joined forces with Chris and Jordan, formerly of the Camera Store TV and ramped up their video content, DPReview has been nothing but a joy to read and watch.

Want to Start Your Own Photography Blog?

Has browsing all these photography blogs inspired you to become a photo blogger? The good news is, producing a photography blog is easy! And there’s so much you can blog about!

Just look for a website-builder that has a blog built right in. That way, you don’t need to bother with any annoying code, or setting up a separate site for your blog.

And if you need some tips on how to bring more visitors to your photography blog, check out our SEO guide and list of 50 free SEO tools, which will help you boost traffic and reach a wider audience.

Ready to build a photography portfolio website that captures clients’ attention? From image-focused themes to a built-in proofing tool, we’ve got photographers covered. Start your free trial with Format today!

Here’s hoping your photography blog will be making an appearance on this list soon!

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