How to Create Photography Packages that Sell

Looking to create photography packages? Our guide will teach you about photo package design and pricing to help you land clients and boost your online portfolio.

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Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a new photographer, creating photography packages is a great way to sell your services to clients. A basic photography package for a wedding, event, or maternity shoot gives clients a better sense of what they’re getting when they hire you. Photographers working without photo packages ready to go often struggle to determine their rates and prices, and can appear unprofessional to clients.

Creating a photography package takes more than just throwing together your top photography skills and hoping for the best. A strong photo package will provide clients with clear options and a good sense of the value of your services. It will also compliment your online photography portfolio, and showcase your skills as a shooter.

This guide will cover how to organize and present a photo package as well as how to determine your photography package prices for weddings, portraits, family and maternity shoots, and boudoir shoots. In just a few steps, you can create photo packages that are easy to sell to clients and can help to promote your photography business.

Let’s dive in!

Reflect What Clients Want in Your Photo Packages

Before you start putting together a photography package, think about the services your clients have requested in the past. Perhaps you notice many of your wedding clients request a large image to showcase at home, and several smaller images to share with friends or family. Or perhaps you recognize a trend where clients like one or two different backdrops for a maternity shoot.

Sit down and make a list of the most common client requests you’ve received in the last year or two. Use this list to help you determine what to include in your photo packages.

Not sure what your clients want? Don’t be afraid to ask your clients what they’re looking for in photography packages, and what they expect to get when they hire you for an event or shoot.

You could also take note of current photography trends in the market and consider if these trends also show up in your clientele. For example, maybe you notice most wedding photography packages include an online photo book and many clients request this option.

Putting your clients’ wants first will ensure your photo packages are appealing and easier to sell.

Offer Three to Four Photo Packages, Max

When it comes to how many photo packages you should create for your business, go with the golden rule of three. Offering three photo packages to clients will make it easier for you to provide tiered options: a basic, an in between, and a premium package.

If you find you can’t limit your options to three packages, you can go for four total. Only include four if you feel you need to have more variety. For example, due to the many possible services and options for wedding shoots, you could then decide to include four different photo packages.

Having three to four different types of photography packages will ensure clients do not get overwhelmed with options, and can quickly identify the right package for their budget and needs.

Include Add-Ons in the Photo Package

If you find you have items that don’t fit in a specific photo package, include them as add-ons to the base price for each package. For example, additional prints, pick up shots, or editing in Photoshop could all be part of the add-on section of the package.

Price the Photo Packages Based on Value

To price your photo packages effectively, start by determining how much value you are giving your clients with each photography package.

The basic photo package should cover the basic services clients want most.

The mid-level photo package should cover the basic services, plus a little bit more.

The high-end photo package should be the premium one and include the basics plus all the bells and whistles you offer.

To keep your photo package prices reasonable for clients, consider the cost of each service included in each package. Calculate the value of each service and include a small profit margin for your business to determine the pricing. That way, you can be transparent with clients about how you determine your prices and show them the value of what they are getting in each package.

Stagger the Photo Package Prices

The easiest way to determine photography pricing packages is to start with the most expensive option and work your way down. So, for example, you might settle on $3,000 for the premium package, which covers your costs, your services, and your revenue. From there, you might decide to charge $2,000 for the middle package, and $1,000 for the basic package.

Another good rule of thumb is to identify the photo package you’d like to sell the most, and price it at just above the average you need to earn per shoot. In most cases, this is the middle package, where you cover your costs and turn a small profit. Clients often opt for the middle package because they recognize it gives them value for their money without breaking the bank.

When it comes to pricing your photography in a package, present clients with a range of reasonably priced options so they can determine what fits their needs and budget.

Opt For a Simple Photo Package Design

When you’re putting the photo packages together, remember to K.I.S.S., Keep It Simple, Sugar. Clutter is the enemy of a quality photography package, as it tends to confuse clients and can come across as unprofessional.

Your photography packages should be easy to scan, with a list of the services covered in each package. Stagger the list of services based on each package. For example, your basic package could include one to two services. Your middle package could cover two to four services, and your high-end package could include three to five services.

In some cases, the value of each service is worth more than the number of services you include in each photo package. So, maybe you only list two services in your middle package, but those services are worth more than any of the services listed in the basic package.

Use Short Descriptions for Each Service

Describe each service in the package in no more than four to five words. For example, you could note “six hours of continuous shooting” or “set of prints and one canvas.”

Remember, you can always expand on each option during your in-person consultations with clients. Keep the photo package descriptions short and simple, your clients will appreciate it!

Creating Wedding Photography Packages

Perhaps the most popular type of photo package is wedding clients looking to document their special day. Wedding photography packages, like event photography packages, often start on the high-end in terms of pricing, as they can require a lot of coverage before, during, and after the wedding or event. You could have a basic wedding photography package that covers a minimal amount of the day, and then work up to a complete photo package with the maximum amount of coverage of the big day.

In the photo package, include a pre-consultation session so you can get a good sense of what the client wants. Note of the amount of coverage you will provide such as pre-ceremony preparations, ceremony, and reception. You should also include the number of fine art prints in each package, and whether the package includes photo editing.

Many photographers are providing an online gallery of wedding photos that is password protected as part of their photo packages. You can also offer to have a second camera person on site, for an additional charge, to ensure you cover all the angles.

If you are offering wedding photography and videography packages together, make sure you include the types of videography services you will provide to clients. Wedding photographer and videographer packages tend to be on the pricier side, as you are providing two different media options in one.

Oh and be sure to note that accommodations and travel will be an additional charge in the photography package, especially if you are shooting a destination wedding.

Making a Portrait Photography Package

Portrait photography is always in demand, especially as people continue to share and post images of themselves online. When you create a portrait photography package, include different image sizes for prints and add-ons like additional photoshop or cropping. You can also provide hourly options, such as a six hour shoot or an eight hour shoot in a studio or on location. Base your hourly options based on how much time, on average, it takes you to achieve good portrait shots.

If you have an online portrait photography portfolio already, keep it up to date with your strongest work featured first. You can also promote your portrait portfolio by creating a blog on your website where you discuss your recent portrait projects as well as any trends you’ve noticed in the industry.

Creating Family and Maternity Photography Packages

Family photography packages are a great opportunity to showcase a family’s dynamic and get creative, with unique family portrait ideas. Similarly, maternity shoot packages and newborn photography packages highlight the joys of a new life in the world.

Both of these types of photography packages should include different image sizes and location options. One package might include an in-studio shoot only and another could include an off site location like a park or the family’s home. Make sure you also include an online photo album option so clients can share the family and baby photo packages easily.

Designing Boudoir Photo Packages

Boudoir photography lends itself to a lot of creative photoshoot ideas and clients are increasingly looking to hire professionals for these types of shoots. A pre-shoot consultation is a must for boudoir shoots to establish trust with the client and should be included in the photography package. You can also offer packages for an at home shoot or a shoot in a professional studio.

Another option is to include costumes or outfits as part of the package, and bundle up a make up session with a professional makeup artist. Many boudoir clients are looking for makeup and photoshoot packages, where they can get both services done at the same time.

Create an Online Portfolio to Help Sell Photo Packages

Now that you know how to create photography packages that sell, you’re ready to market your photo services to clients. Having a solid online photography portfolio to show potential clients can help boost your sales.

Don’t have an online photography portfolio yet? No worries. You can use a website builder to create one in minutes. Choose a builder that offers great features like fresh, modern templates to show off your impressive wedding, portrait, or maternity shots. Instagram integration is another good feature to keep an eye out for; sharing your photos on social will refresh your portfolio with a stream of Insta pics at the same time.

Not sure which portfolio is your style? Go for an online portfolio website that offers a free trial so you can see which one best suits your photography. Look for one with built-in blogging as well, so you can draw more people to your site with blog posts about your photography packages and your latest photo projects.

Need some more inspiration? Check out our guide to building your photography portfolio and take a peek at some other photography portfolios for some ideas on how you can promote your photo packages.

Ready to build an online portfolio that highlights your photography? We’ve got you covered. Start your free trial with Format today!

Don’t forget to update your own online portfolio regularly with your best photography—it will help clients get a sense of your style and encourage them to invest in your photo packages!

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