Black and White Photography Online Portfolio Website

Black and White Photography Online Portfolio Website

Thinking of focusing your career on shooting black and white imagery? Read our guide on how to build the best photography website and launch your brand.

Today, the most accessible digital cameras (and even our smartphones) are capable of capturing millions of colors. However, black and white photography is still more popular than ever.

For many, black and white photos have a unique charm that other image types lack. They remove color distractions, allowing viewers to focus on texture, shape, patterns, composition, and shade. Black and white photos are an excellent way for a photographer to simplify images and distill scenes down to their most fundamental elements.

If you want to become a black and white photographer, your portfolio website will need to be well-curated to establish your brand and attract new clients.

Here we’ll discuss how to start a black and white photography business. We’ll also cover how to create the best black and white photography website and answer some frequently asked questions.

How To Start a Black and White Photography Business

If you’re looking to master black and white imagery as part of your business model, there are some important tips you’ll need to follow in order to create black and white photos that will compel your viewers and evoke an emotional response.

  1. Have the right equipment – Firstly, using the right equipment is essential for launching a black and white photography business. Both DSLRs and smartphone cameras come with grayscale monochrome filters, which can make the initial composition process much easier while shooting.These can be especially handy for those who have trouble visualizing scenes in black and white before they reach the post-production process. If you are launching a black and white photography business, you’ll want access to a reliable camera that will allow for the right composition.

    Black and white photographers typically choose between a DSLR or a film camera, with both devices offering their own set of advantages. Photos shot with a digital camera are much easier to develop and edit — but film photos are much more affordable, provide an authentic film grain and are capable of capturing a high dynamic range in a way that digital photography often can’t match.

  2. Consider using post-production process – Many photographers also choose to first shoot their images in color and then apply a black and white filter in the post-production process.Today, digital photography processing has become so advanced that it is often impossible to tell whether most images are originally shot in black and white or edited post-shot. This means that a photo editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, will always be a worthy investment for your brand.
  3. Try these composition tips – A focus on texture is also an excellent way to express contrast in black and white imagery. For example, the rough lines of a tree bark, or the juxtaposition of shadow and light in a reflective water scene can showcase the perfect texture blend. Finding ways to contrast angular shapes and uneven textures can lead you to composing the ideal eye-catching black and white image.When shooting, many black and white photographers also create successful images by using a small aperture and a very low ISO. This is because it allows for a sharp, consistent focus and the least amount of digital noise. When defining your black and white brand, avoid using a wide-angle lens for your work — as this will not generate the same results as using a telephoto lens with a more shallow depth of field.

How To Create the Ideal Portfolio for Black and White Imagery

If you’re starting a photography business focused on black and white-themed imagery, your website will be an essential tool in showing your clients your capabilities and creative vision.

Your clients will want to see a portfolio of your work before hiring you, meaning that in order to define your niche and brand, you’ll need to create a website that showcases your best work. This will enhance your credibility to potential clients and give them a sense of your specialty in black and white photography. You’ll also be able to better position yourself as a professional in your field by creating a carefully curated online presence.

When creating a great photography portfolio, we recommend placing your best photos at the front of your site and ensuring that the images you select are indicative of your style, your talent, and the type of work your business will cover.

Which Template Should You Use For a Black and White Photo Portfolio?

The following three templates have been popular with black and white photographers’ websites in the Format community:


Amazon is one of the most beloved templates by Format members, hosting portfolios across all popular photography niches and creative industries. It’s a fun and image-forward platform, making it the ideal website template to showcase stunning imagery and impress prospective clients. Amazon includes a masonry-style grid, customizable features, and click-to-enlarge images to ensure that your black and white shots are brought into full focus.


Mica features a unique image grid, allowing you to tell a story using the perfect series of images. This template is perfect for those who focus on black and white portrait photography, landscape photography, or fashion imagery.


Fullframe is perfect for those looking to place their black and white images at the front and center of their clients’ view. With an edge-to-edge fullscreen slideshow, Fullframe features fully customizable options to help you create a stylish and easy-to-navigate portfolio.

Black and White Photography Portfolio FAQs

Other common terms used to describe black and white photos include monochrome or greyscale. However, monochrome photography is an umbrella term used to describe all types of photography that follows a single color scheme, and therefore should not be confused with black and white.

Many photographers and viewers alike find black and white photography to be a special art form because of its ability to accentuate light, shadow, and texture. Given that humans see the world in color, black and white photos are symbolic of a world without the distraction of the noise color can bring. It allows us to pause and look closely at the features of an image.

Given that your goal is to showcase your best work in your portfolio, you should feature a diverse set of images that will best showcase your range of skills. For example, if you mainly shoot nature or landscape photos, consider featuring images with different subjects, techniques, and types of composition.

Of course, your portfolio should also always feature your best work. We recommend including a maximum of 10 of your best images.

Though it isn’t mandatory, giving your layout a monochromatic color scheme to match your images and style will also go a long way in creating the right, viewable aesthetic for your viewers. To achieve this, we suggest giving your portfolio a neutral background, using dark or light colors for your fonts, and keeping your layout as clean and unobtrusive as possible.

Of course! Black and white photos can give your website the perfect, sophisticated feel. Adding B&W photos into your portfolio can also showcase the different talents and photography niches you are skilled in.

Build Your Black and White Portfolio With Format Now

Your portfolio will is the key tool in helping you grow your photography business. By creating a digital touchpoint with your photography website, you’ll help lead potential clients towards your work. Moreover, your portfolio will help your business grow as your skills and ambitions do.

Format provides an endless range of portfolio templates that are perfectly suited for the needs of photographers and other creative professionals. With easy-to-use interfaces, intuitive navigation capabilities and clean, eye-catching templates, creating the ideal portfolio has never been simpler.

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