The Best Black And White Photography Portfolio Examples of 2022

We’ve compiled a ‘Best Of’ page to share some of our favourite black and white photography websites. Take a scroll through.

February 8, 2022

Here are the best black and white photography portfolio examples we’ve come across. The photographers work with a number of different creative themes and options, giving you plenty of inspiration on where to start and helping you create your own online portfolio website using Format’s templates.

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desktop browser window frameAustin Quintana desktop
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Austin Quintana

Theme used: Offset

Based in New York, Austin Quintana is a photographer and filmmaker using analog tools to create their work. Austin's photographic work consists of personal documentary and portraiture. Austin's recent project "Where The Valley Sings" is an exploration of their family's land, the people currently living on it, the people that came before them, and their relationship with the space.
desktop browser window framePierre Vanneste desktop
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Pierre Vanneste

Theme used: Chroma

Pierre Vanneste is a photographer and filmmaker based between Brussels and Dakar, specializing in long-term projects. He questions the relationship that Human has with his environment as well as the social issues that arise from it. His work has been published in media such as Médiapart, Libération, DOC! photo magazine, Courrier International (web), Equal-Times or Alter Echo.
desktop browser window frameFrancesco Silvestri desktop
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Francesco Silvestri

Theme used: Foray

Francesco Silvestri is an Italian American photographer that spends his time between Auckland, New Zealand and New Hampshire, and Maine in the U.S. In the early '80s, Francesco shifted from oil painting to photography. The exhibited photographs on his website are from a series focusing on the effects of the waves on the seashore. He believes that these sensual imprints are made all the more magical by the knowledge that they will only exist for a brief moment.
desktop browser window frameJames Moreton desktop
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James Moreton

Theme used: Offset

James Moreton is a self-taught photographer working on multiple projects. Recently, James has been focusing on the landscape and its influence on the people who live there. James also co-founded and run AllFormat Collective - a group of 15 photographers bound through a love of film.
desktop browser window frameRobert Bolton desktop
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Robert Bolton

Theme used: Foray

Robert Bolton is a fine art photographer based in the UK. Robert's images emphasize tranquility, minimalism and a "less is more" aesthetic. Most of his work includes the sea and although not exclusively black and white; monochrome is a preference. Robert's work has been featured in Black & White Photography Magazine and Monochrome Photography Awards 2019 and 2020.
desktop browser window frameDiego Canini desktop
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Diego Canini

Theme used: Obscura

Based in Italy, Diego Canini is a photographer who shoots exclusively with film. An editorial graphic designer by profession, Diego approached photography in 2017 shooting digitally and then switched to film, developing, and printing his own negatives.
desktop browser window frameJohanna Blond desktop
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Johanna Blond

Theme used: Mica

Based in La Baule, Johanna Blod is a French photographer, who shoots exclusively on film. Johanna loves to capture the expression of nostalgic feelings and authentic face portraits. She appreciates capturing the raw and beauty of motherhood.
desktop browser window frameLorraine Khamali desktop
phone window frameLorraine Khamali mobile
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Lorraine Khamali

Theme used: Chroma

Lorraine Khamali is a London-based photographer and filmmaker, originally from Kenya. Khamali's work involves capturing and documenting intimate portraits showcasing the beauty of the ordinary. Khamali's images tell stories inspired by her life experiences and interests in art, literature, music, and film whilst combining fashion and documentary to create her narratives.
desktop browser window frameShulan Wang desktop
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Shulan Wang

Theme used: Offset

Shulan Wang is a Chinese photographer, based in Paris, France. She is mainly engaged in fine art photography of black and white, thinking about how to find eternal existence in the poetic chaos from naturalistic materials. And she also expected to find the eternal existence in the lost chaos - the balance between rationality and poetry inside in nature. Her photographic works cover landscapes, animals, portraits, still life, and the study in camera-less photography.
desktop browser window frameAlfredo Gomez desktop
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Alfredo Gomez

Theme used: Ora

Alfredo Gómez Pérez began photography in 1998. His time in photography has been versatile, covering various photographic techniques in a self-taught way. He has participated in seminars and workshops with renowned photographers, such as Juan Rodrigo Llaguno, Erick Estada, Juan Pons, Larry Ditto and Héctor Astorga. His particular perspective and crude artistic sense seeks to reveal an essential and binding humanity in the dimension of the emotions of others and how they relate to the viewer.

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