The 12 Best Travel Photography Portfolio Examples of 2022

We’ve compiled a ‘Best Of’ page to share some of our favourite Travel photography websites. Take a scroll through.

February 8, 2022

We’ve put together a showcase of travel photography portfolios. From global journeys to city-based photojournalism, these examples capture it all, including the most incredible international journeys taken by some of the Format’s greatest travel photographers. All portfolios were created on Format, and include varying levels of customization.

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desktop browser window frameJörg Wanderer desktop
phone window frameJörg Wanderer mobile
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Jörg Wanderer

Theme used: Order

Jörg Wanderer is a German travel photographer with focus on urban and natural landscapes, street sceneries, architecture, available light photography, urban night shots, and aerial photography. With his photographic initiations at the end of the 90s in Düsseldorf, he refined and elaborated his own photographic style during several journeys to the U.S., Asia, Australia, and throughout Europe.
desktop browser window frameHilary Duffy desktop
phone window frameHilary Duffy mobile
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Hilary Duffy

Theme used: Horizon

Hilary Duffy is a New York City-based photographer who draws upon her commitment to social issues and her love of travel and cultures. Duffy developed a passion for photography while working as an educator in Costa Rica in the 1990s. She returned to the United States to study in the Documentary Photography and Photojournalism program at the International Center of Photography. She then completed international assignments as a two-time recipient of the Johnson & Johnson/ICP Fellowship Program.
desktop browser window frameStephen Bures desktop
phone window frameStephen Bures mobile
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Stephen Bures

Theme used: Amazon

Stephen Bures' passion for photography began when they were 12 years old. He picked up his fathers Pentax 35mm camera for the very first time and it was pure magic. Being able to freeze a moment in time and share that moment with others, is something Bures' enjoys. He has been fortunate enough to travel to 81 countries around this magnificent planet.
desktop browser window frameAndreas Kuefer desktop
phone window frameAndreas Kuefer mobile
Preview Site

Andreas Kuefer

Theme used: Horizon Left

Andreas Kuefer is a Swiss photographer currently living in Northern California, practicing photography and co-creating the future of photography/digital-imaging at Adobe, as a Principal Designer. His photography has been featured in publications such as Mr Porter Journal or Travel & Leisure. Andreas collaborates with brands like Aero and January Labs to create unique and meaningful visual content.
desktop browser window frameVincent Lemonde desktop
phone window frameVincent Lemonde mobile
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Vincent Lemonde

Theme used: Industry

Life led Vincent Lemonde to live several months among the Himbas in Namibia. Through patience, observation and meticulous preparation, he immersed himself in the daily life of a village, learning his language, his codes and his customs. Can one imagine, when one is a PhD in robotics, to see his life so upset? Can we come back unharmed? Since then, he regularly returns to Southern Africa.
desktop browser window frameWilliam TAN desktop
phone window frameWilliam TAN mobile
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William TAN

Theme used: Ora

William Tan is a travel, documentary, and corporate photographer/filmmaker. He sees his camera as a powerful tool to tell inspiring stories, show the contrast in our society, and give a voice to those that are persecuted or neglected. William believes in the power of images to touch the heart of people and to bring them hope and joy by showing how beautiful this world is.
desktop browser window frameSvetlana Dojcinovic desktop
phone window frameSvetlana Dojcinovic mobile
Preview Site

Svetlana Dojcinovic

Theme used: Foray

Svetlana Dojcinovic is a photographer currently based in Belgrade, Serbia. She is a sociologist and a world traveller, with more than 100 countries visited.
desktop browser window frameJan Arendtsz desktop
phone window frameJan Arendtsz mobile
Preview Site

Jan Arendtsz

Theme used: Sun

With a focal interest in travel photography, Jan focuses on landscapes, street scenes, and people, creating work that seeks unique perspectives. Jan was born in Sri Lanka and has been living in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, for the last 30 years.
desktop browser window frameVeronique Van Hoorick desktop
phone window frameVeronique Van Hoorick mobile
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Veronique Van Hoorick

Theme used: Obscura

Veronique Van Hoorick (b.1981) is a Belgian photographer and co-founder of 'Roots of Asia' green adventures. She discovered a calmness and simplicity in the wilderness of every day life. Veronique aims to challenge the fast pace of life we have become accustomed to by sharing images that inspire a more peaceful and meditative state of mind. She spends many weeks out of the year travelling to some of the most remote corners of the world. Based in South East Asia.
desktop browser window frameJordi Boixareu desktop
phone window frameJordi Boixareu mobile
Preview Site

Jordi Boixareu

Theme used: Horizon Left

Jordi Boixareu is a freelance photographer based in Barcelona and available for assignments all around the world. Interested in documentary, travel and street photography.
desktop browser window frameCarolina Isella desktop
phone window frameCarolina Isella mobile
Preview Site

Carolina Isella

Theme used: Ambience

Carolina Isella, raised and born in Milano, since 1996. Carolina was surrounded by travel and creativity since she was very young, which shaped her love for nature and photography. She quickly learned that extraordinary photography requires chasing light and capturing decisive and unique moments. Carolina's curiosity to explore quickly developed into a desire to travel and explore far, distant, and isolated places.
desktop browser window frameGregg Boydston desktop
phone window frameGregg Boydston mobile
Preview Site

Gregg Boydston

Theme used: Peak

Gregg Boydston is a Southern California based photographer. While his main career is within the fire service, he spends his time away from the fire station, outside with a camera.
desktop browser window frameArisa Kasai desktop
phone window frameArisa Kasai mobile
Preview Site

Arisa Kasai

Theme used: Peak

Born in Yokohama, Japan, Arisa studied English literature in Aoyama Gakuin Women’s Junior College then moved to the USA to study photography. She graduated from SFSU majoring in art with an emphasis on photography. She then apprenticed under Eiichiro Sakata (one of the top photographers in Japan). In 2010, she began her professional freelance career in photography. Now based in Tokyo, specializing portrait, travel, fashion, and commercial.
desktop browser window frameLuan Baruti desktop
phone window frameLuan Baruti mobile
Preview Site

Luan Baruti

Theme used: Panorama

Luan is a Swiss medical student with an unconditional love for mountains and travel.
desktop browser window frameCharley Zheng desktop
phone window frameCharley Zheng mobile
Preview Site

Charley Zheng

Theme used: Horizon Left

Charley Zheng is a self-taught photographer whose work is all about discovering the moments that make us feel alive and reinforcing what it means to be human.
desktop browser window frameSue Elscot desktop
phone window frameSue Elscot mobile
Preview Site

Sue Elscot

Theme used: Horizon

Sue is an avid traveller and drone photographer who loves the ocean and the Aussie outback. She strives to capture the beauty and feel of our beautiful wilderness areas and wants to inspire people to travel, explore and enjoy the natural environments with her work. Sue also uses her photography to assist tourism and adventure businesses to encourage people to visit them, and let them show the best of where they are.
desktop browser window framePeter Melhado desktop
phone window framePeter Melhado mobile
Preview Site

Peter Melhado

Theme used: Mica

Peter is a photographer and filmmaker. The majority of my work is based around the outdoors and around the idea of freedom. He's as likely to be found in a remote desert as the ocean. He says nothing beats getting outside and exploring the world with friends or alone.
desktop browser window frameMichael Wilmes desktop
phone window frameMichael Wilmes mobile
Preview Site

Michael Wilmes

Theme used: Amazon

For Michael, having had some case of digital photography fatigue caused him to appreciate the mechanical beauty of film photography. He enjoys the slow process and anticipation of results.
desktop browser window frameMeunier Benoit desktop
phone window frameMeunier Benoit mobile
Preview Site

Meunier Benoit

Theme used: Slate

Graduated from the University of Liège in medicine with a specialization in radiology, Benoit Meunier is a self-taught, enthusiastic and passionate photographer. He captures images of the world, trying to recreate as closely as possible the landscapes, the situations, the faces and the emotions encountered travelling the globe.
desktop browser window frameTom Sieu desktop
phone window frameTom Sieu mobile
Preview Site

Tom Sieu

Theme used: Amazon

Tom Sieu is an lifestyle and portrait photographer based in San Francisco. Unconcerned with mediums, technologies or trends, his passion lies in visualizing and capturing the right moment or experience—whether it's a portrait or fashion image. His design and advertising background has served him well in producing images that are both graphic in nature and emotive in impression.
desktop browser window frameVictoria Campa desktop
phone window frameVictoria Campa mobile
Preview Site

Victoria Campa

Theme used: Grace

Victoria has traveled around the world with her camera, photographing the desolate high planes of Peru and Bolivia, as well as the overcrowded streets and colorful faces of India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. However, she doesn't shy away from her own quotidian surroundings, and often turns her lens to those people and places that have had an impact on her own life. In her series 'goodbye to all that' she commemorates her time in New York City and, more specifically, the women who were a part it.
desktop browser window frameDavid Oliete  desktop
phone window frameDavid Oliete  mobile
Preview Site

David Oliete

Theme used: Frame

David Oliete is a worldwide published photographer, traveler and filmmaker who was born in Tarragona (Catalonia, Spain) and who also lived in the United Kingdom and Barcelona for some time. Currently based in Spain and available for assignments worldwide, David works with people and brands to tell stories. His passion: collect moments, not things. Bread and bookstores lover.
desktop browser window frameSamson Hatae desktop
phone window frameSamson Hatae mobile
Preview Site

Samson Hatae

Theme used: Ora

Always with a camera in hand. Samson enjoys documenting what is happening around him, wether it be in a far off country or in the ocean and mountains surrounding him.
desktop browser window frameNicholas Pitt desktop
phone window frameNicholas Pitt mobile
Preview Site

Nicholas Pitt

Theme used: Skyline

Proudly Australian and honorary Swedish travel photographer/filmmaker with bases in both Europe and Australasia. Known for his life affirming and colourful style, Nicholas has shot destination, food, lifestyle, and reportage photography in all corners of the globe. Valued clients include National Geographic Traveler, Travel and Leisure, Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Save The Children, Discovery Channel, British Airlines, Islands, Outside, Apollo Travel, Thomas Cook, TUI, and New York Times.
desktop browser window frameTrey Bohn desktop
phone window frameTrey Bohn mobile
Preview Site

Trey Bohn

Theme used: Offset

New York City-based travel and culture photographer Trey Bohn is a former White House spokesperson, public relations veteran, and intrepid world wanderer. Traveling through some 50 countries has taught him how to move through the world deliberately—and about what makes a meaningful photograph. Trey's photography is influenced by his knack for getting into (and out of) tight spots, a steadfast commitment to self-reliance, and how to live and see life creatively.
desktop browser window frameThibault Charpentier desktop
phone window frameThibault Charpentier mobile
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Thibault Charpentier

Theme used: Spruce

French photographer living in Paris. crazy about travel and gorgeous architecture, Thibault explore the world guided by good food and beautiful landscapes.
desktop browser window frameAlija Bos desktop
phone window frameAlija Bos mobile
Preview Site

Alija Bos

Theme used: Slate

lija Bos is a Kingston Wedding and Adventure Photographer. He also works as an environmental scientist exploring the Canadian landscape and documenting his travels and the environment. He also wrote this entire bio himself, in the third person.
desktop browser window frameDaria Huxley desktop
phone window frameDaria Huxley mobile
Preview Site

Daria Huxley

Theme used: Ora

Daria Huxley is an award-winning professional photographer & creative director residing in Brooklyn, NY. She has lived, studied and worked in Germany, Belgium, Russia, Portugal and Hong Kong. Daria's career as a photographer has lasted over a decade. In photography she specializes in portraiture, travel, and fine art architecture. Currently she is working as a producer at Brooklyn-based creative production company Fourwind Films.
desktop browser window frameSimon Tupper desktop
phone window frameSimon Tupper mobile
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Simon Tupper

Theme used: Amazon

Simon's quest to photograph people in the perfect light has led him to over forty different countries. That means he's found himself in some amusing situations. Like the time he thought he was being abducted by a client in Mexico City. Or the time he lay on a tea bush to frame a shot and got ants up his trousers. He is based in London and runs photographic holidays around the world as well as producing commercial work for various UK and international brands.

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