The Best Travel Photography Portfolio Examples of 2022

We’ve compiled a ‘Best Of’ page to share some of our favourite Travel photography websites. Take a scroll through.

February 8, 2022

We’ve put together a showcase of travel photography portfolios. From global journeys to city-based photojournalism, these examples capture it all, including the most incredible international journeys taken by some of the Format’s greatest travel photographers. All portfolios were created on Format, and include varying levels of customization.

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Jagoda Lasota Lasotyzm

Theme used: Meridian

Jagoda Lasota is a biotechnologist by education and training, graphic designer/retoucher by profession, and photographer by passion. Always looking for the human aspect in photography, Jagoda has published in journals about fashion and traveling. She was selected as 30 under 30 most emerging women photographers by Artpil magazine (2019). Jagoda lives and works in Wroclaw, Poland.
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Philip Nguyen

Theme used: Exposure

Phil Nguyen is a commercial photographer and videographer specializing in travel, lifestyle, and brand narrative and is a proud member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective. Born in Houston, Texas and based in Los Angeles, California, Phil adopted photography to visually interpret his changing environments and the people around him with an emphasis on storytelling and emotion while retaining a unique aesthetic.
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Eugene H. Johnson

Theme used: Lightbox

Over the last 40 years Eugene H. Johnson have juggled a career as a professor of Comparative Medicine and as a photographer. Since 1974 he have traveled around the world capturing the secrets of the human soul. Pietro Bardi, one the greatest art collectors of the 20th century put on a one man show of his photographs at the 'Museu de Arte' in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1986 and since then Eugene's works have been exhibited in countries around the world.
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Olle Nordell

Theme used: Amazon

Olle Nordell is a Swedish adventure and life style photographer with a passion for the outdoors. With a long (and awarded) career in advertising as copywriter and creative director, he’s also a writer and brand strategist. Today, he resides in Stockholm with wife and three children – but works internationally on assignments ranging from expedition photography to content creation.
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Cameron Cope

Theme used: Horizon

Cameron Cope is an image burglar, purveyor of photobooks, and frequent stowaway based in Melbourne, Australia. He has a background in travel editorial and holds a Master of Fine Art at RMIT. Cope’s documentary work explores the past embedded in the present via visual allegory and photo-sequencing. Cope was Australian Travel Photographer of the Year (2014), was twice a finalist in the Australian Life national photo prize (2013, 2016), and has work in the Melbourne Museum’s permanent collection
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Bart Pawlik

Theme used: Clarity

Bart Pawlik is a devoted observer of everyday life and constantly gets inspired by their work as a photographer. Specializing in working in harsh environments, Bart excels in mountain and action sports, outdoor and adventure photography projects, where Bart always strives to apply a broader point of view than just documenting what they see.
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Charnkurt Yao

Theme used: Ora

Charnkurt Yao is based in Bangkok. He picked up a camera in 2012 and has since been developing the photographic craft in his free time from work. From 2018 till early 2020, he spent a few months in Basra, Iraq to work in an oil field. Due to tight security, it was not allowed to travel outside of the camp. Not letting that stopped him from taking pictures, he carried a compact camera to document what he saw along the way to the oil field, as well as his own daily life inside the camp.
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Chad Gerber

Theme used: Point

Chad Gerber is an internationally published photographer and filmmaker based in Perth, Western Australia, with a passion for documenting his experiences around the world through projects in tourism, music, lifestyle, branding, wedding, and commercial sectors. ​His work has been featured by organizations including various international tourism boards, Beautiful Destinations, Canon Australia, Travel & Leisure, Lowepro, Manfrotto, and others.
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Dino Kuznik

Theme used: Obsidian

Dino Kuznik is a New York-based photographer, originally from Slovenia, Europe. Dino uses photography as a medium to immortalize scenes that are aesthetically unique, with an emphasis on color and composition. Solitude is a driving factor behind their personal work. It reflects a peaceful state of mind, one only attainable after total immersion within the environment they work in.

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