Top Travel Photography Hashtags in 2022

When you’re posting travel photos on a social media platform like Instagram, you have plenty of competition. Whether it be competition from fellow travel photographers, travel bloggers, or just general travel enthusiasts, your images can easily get lost in a sea of travel content.

The best way to avoid this predicament is to ensure you’re using a combination of both the most popular hashtags, as well as some more specific hashtags that are relevant to your image.

If you’re not familiar with hashtags, these are clickable links that group your content with other similar content and help increase your social reach to make your content more discoverable to a wider audience. In this case, you’ll use travel hashtags so that users who are interested in travel content are able to find you and your images. 

If you want more eyes on your travel photos but you’re stuck for hashtag ideas, here are a few tips to get the most out of your hashtag use:

  1. Check hashtags used in the Instagram Explore page: Using the explore page will give you an idea of what hashtags are trending. If your content can get onto the Explore page you will be sure to reach a much wider audience.
  2. Use the hashtag autocomplete feature: With Instagram, you can search for accounts, places, hashtags, audio, and top-performing content. When you start typing to find a tag, the Instagram search engine will populate similar terms that you can use to broaden the reach of your content.  
  3. Follow relevant hashtags: Yep! You can follow hashtags too, not just accounts. Check out the other hashtags being used on the content you follow for inspo.
  4. Use a social listening tool: Social listening tools are powerful and give you insights into more than just the best hashtags, like campaign hashtags, popular keywords, industry keywords, and so much more.

And hey, before you jump into these hashtag idea generators, pick and choose from some of the best travel hashtags listed for you conveniently down below.

Travel Photography Hashtags Table of Contents

  1. Top Travel Photography Hashtags You Need To Try
  2. Travel Photography Hashtags 2022
  3. Travel Photography Hashtags 2021

Top Travel Photography Hashtags You Need To Try

It doesn’t matter what year it is, there are some travel photo hashtags that are popular year after year, season after season. This is because, in general, the actual act of travelling doesn’t vary much, meaning those who are searching for travel content will simply seek out fairly generic and obvious hashtags. Having said that, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use these more popular Instagram travel photography hashtags. 

Start general and work your way to more specific hashtags, and you’ve got the perfect jumping-off point for your travel hashtags. 

1. Start with general travel appreciation hashtags 

You don’t want to stuff your caption with a full list of general travel hashtags, but throwing in a handful of the top Instagram travel hashtags can help ensure that your images are seen by those who are looking for travel content.

Just keep in mind these more popular hashtags can cause your image to get buried amongst a sea of other images that are also utilizing those hashtags. We would suggest picking 2 to 3 of these top travel photo hashtags to help maximize your photo’s reach. 

#travel #travelgram #traveltheworld #traveladdict #traveling #travels #travelingram #travelife #travelmore #travelgoals #traveller #travelblog #tourism #wanderlust #travelcouple #backpackersintheworld #instatravel #adventure 

2. Use hashtags that reference the mode of travel/type of trip 

If you’re an avid traveller, you no doubt already know that there are plenty of different types of trips you can take. There’s backpacking, beach vacations, Europe trips, trips to the mountains, road trips, and even year-long adventures if you’re living that digital nomad life. 

Pick some of the hashtags below that are relevant to your trip and your image. 

#eurotrip #vacation #beachvaca #beach #sea #ocean #roadtrip #backpacking #mountains 

3. Focus on the destination 

Here’s an easy one that can help get the right eyes on your travel images. This hashtag idea works particularly well if you’re visiting a popular destination that people are often looking for on Instagram. For example, Hawaii or New York City. You can also use a hashtag that represents a country, or even an entire continent if you’re jet-setting around. 

We’ll give you some examples below, but feel free to substitute the continent/country with what is relevant to your situation/image. 

#Canada #England #Iceland #travelafrica #hawaii #NYC #discoverireland #Europetrip 

It might seem a little generic to mention the weather in your hashtags, but it’s also often something that people search for on Instagram, especially if you have particularly good weather, or your travel destination is known for the weather (i.e. winter at a ski resort, or a beautiful sunset on the beach).  

#sunset #sunrise #winterwonderland #sunnydays #sky #lightning #bluesky #weatherphotography #rain #summer #sky #snow 

5. Label yourself a travel photographer 

As a travel photographer, you should absolutely be sure that you sneak some travel photography hashtags into your lineup. In fact, even if you’re not officially a travel photographer, this is still worth putting in your hashtags because it will help connect you with people who are interested in professional photography. 

#travelpics #travelphotograhy #travelphoto #landscape #travelphotographer 

6. Get specific with hashtags that reference the image itself 

And last but not least, once you’ve used some of the more obvious travel photo hashtags, you’ll also want to throw in some more specific hashtags that don’t necessarily have to do with travel per se, but that help to describe the actual photo itself.

This helps expand your photos reach even more. Plus, if you use hashtags that are relevant to the image, you have an even stronger likelihood that you’ll find an audience who appreciates your work. These ideas will vary from photo to photo since they tend to be more specific, but here are some ideas to get you going: 

#whatiate #gelato #finedining #food #yum (for travel food)

#ootd #fashion #outfit #style #instastyle #look (for travel fashion)

#citylife #architecture #eiffeltower (for general cityscapes, landmarks, buildings, etc.) 

Travel Photography Hashtags 2022

Now more than ever is the time to share your travel content. With the last two years being more challenging to travel, people are craving it. Not only does this mean people are booking flights, but they are also looking for inspiration on travel destinations. Share your imagery to help get people inspired to travel in 2022, and be sure to use some of these travel photo hashtags. 

1. Reference the year

If you’re looking for travel hashtags that are specifically relevant to the year you’re in, one of the easiest ways to do this is to tack the year onto the end of the hashtag. You can do it with any hashtag, but you’ll want to focus mostly on yearly trips or excursions. Also, be sure to make it relevant to your trip (i.e. if you’re in Alaska sub Alaska for Jamaica) 

#eurotrip2022 #vacation2022 #Jamica2022 #roadtrip2022 #travel2022 

2. Share your excitement about traveling again 

It’s no secret that travel was almost non-existent for most people in 2021, including travel photographers. But now, in 2022, thanks to many of the COVID-19 travel restrictions lifting, travel is an option again. Because of this, travel appreciation hashtags are extremely popular in 2022. Some of these popular travel appreciation hashtags include: 

#traveladdict #travel #travelawesome #traveholic #travelbug #travelporn #travelagain   

3. For solo travellers 

After the fear created over the last two years, not everyone is going to be on board to travel again, but if you have the itch and you’re ready to start capturing beautiful travel photos, it might be time to start exploring your options as a solo traveller. With total freedom over where you go, how you spend your time, and what you photograph, solo travel gives photographers a unique opportunity to enjoy all their travel bucket list destinations. 

#solotraveler #solotraveller #explore #solotravels #solotraveling #solotravelingisfun #solotraveldiaries

4. For group travel

With so many trips and events cancelled in 2020 and 2021, this year is definitely the year where trips are being rescheduled. Whether it be for a delayed wedding, a family reunion, or just simply a vacation, taking photos of your group travel adventures is an easy way to add more travel photos to your portfolio.

#destinationwedding #travelwithfriends #backpacking #hostel #familyreunion

5. For full-time travellers 

Now that travel is an option again, it seems that more and more people are making the switch to full-time travel. If this is you and you want to share your travel photography on your Instagram, these hashtags will help.

#digitalnomad #fulltimetravel #familyroadadventures #explore #traveltheworld #bucketlist 

Travel Photography Hashtags 2021

When you think of travel in 2021, there’s probably not too much going on thanks to the pandemic. For most travel photographers, you had to think outside the box when it came to your subjects and stay a little closer to home. 

If you were a travel photographer in 2021, some of these hashtags might have been relevant, and also might help you out in the future if you ever need to take another break from your travels. 

1. Top travel photography hashtags during the pandemic 

Yes, there were a whole host of hashtags that were relevant to the pandemic, and if you were a travel photographer looking to get eyes on your images during a time when travel was difficult to pull off, you might have used some of these hashtags. 

#stayhome #togetherathome #dreamnowvisitlater #travelfromhome #viewfrommywindow #traveltomorrow #stayinspired #strongertogether 

2. Weekend getaways 

Because travelling far was difficult in 2021, we saw an increase in hashtags that were relevant to weekend getaways and staycations. 

While access to different countries is slowly opening back up, keeping these hashtags in your back pocket is a good idea for when you want to feature travel destinations that are a little closer to home. 

#staycation #getaway #weekendgetaway #trip #escape 

3. Travel photo hashtags for hikers/campers

Hiking and camping seemed to be the go-to travel experiences in 2021, and it doesn’t take much to see why. Hiking and camping allowed travel enthusiasts to explore and capture stunning travel photos while still practicing social distancing. 

These hashtags will come in handy anytime you travel to a more rustic and off-grid experience.

#hike #mountain #view #hikelife #camping #camp #camplife #campvibes #viewfromthetop #forest #nature #naturelovers #naturephootgraphy #camperlifestyle #offgrid 

4. Up at the cottage  

Another popular travel experience during the pandemic, many travellers took advantage of social distancing up at the cottage. 

You can use some of the hashtags above that are relevant like #nature and #forest, but here are some others that you can also add in for any cottage-inspired imagery.   

#cottage #cottagelife #cabin #cabinlove #country #countrylife #countrycottage 

5. Celebrate van life

And lastly, for travel photographers who suddenly found that they couldn’t travel during the pandemic, hitting the road and embracing van life seemed to be a popular option.

This is another good option to keep in mind when you want to travel freely and capture scenery in your own country. 

#vanlife #campervan #homeiswhereyouparkit #ontheroad #tinyhome #tinyhouse #offroad #rvlife

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