Travel Photography Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

Get inspired by these amazing travel photography portfolio websites and discover how you can create a stunning portfolio to showcase your travel photography projects.

October 4, 2021
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phone window frameStephen Bures
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Stephen Bures

Theme used: Amazon About Stephen Bures
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Andreas Kuefer

Theme used: Horizon Left About Andreas Kuefer
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Vincent Lemonde

Theme used: Industry About Vincent Lemonde
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William TAN

Theme used: Ora About William TAN
desktop browser window frameSvetlana Dojcinovic
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Svetlana Dojcinovic

Theme used: Foray About Svetlana Dojcinovic
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Jan Arendtsz

Theme used: Sun About Jan Arendtsz

Travel Photography Tips for Beginners: Find Your Niche

Deciding what your purpose or focus will be will help you figure out your photography direction. There are a number of different types of travel photography so find your niche – whether that is cities or landscapes or nomadic life. Having a purpose will allow you to hone in on your travel photography skills.

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desktop browser window frameVeronique Van Hoorick
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Veronique Van Hoorick

Theme used: Obscura About Veronique Van Hoorick
desktop browser window frameJordi Boixareu
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Jordi Boixareu

Theme used: Horizon Left About Jordi Boixareu
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Carolina Isella

Theme used: Ambience About Carolina Isella
desktop browser window frameGregg Boydston
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Gregg Boydston

Theme used: Peak About Gregg Boydston
desktop browser window frameArisa Kasai
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Arisa Kasai

Theme used: Peak About Arisa Kasai
desktop browser window frameCaleb Jacobson
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Caleb Jacobson

Theme used: Hue About Caleb Jacobson

Travel Photography Tips for Beginners: Start Small

You don’t have to take lavish or wild trips to capture the beauty of travel – do so within your city, take small day trips to interesting places around your area, and then once you are ready go international.

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desktop browser window frameLuan Baruti
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Luan Baruti

Theme used: Panorama About Luan Baruti
desktop browser window frameCharley Zheng
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Charley Zheng

Theme used: Horizon Left About Charley Zheng
desktop browser window frameSue Elscot
phone window frameSue Elscot
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Sue Elscot

Theme used: Horizon About Sue Elscot
desktop browser window frameMichael Wilmes
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Michael Wilmes

Theme used: Amazon About Michael Wilmes
desktop browser window frameMeunier Benoit
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Meunier Benoit

Theme used: Slate About Meunier Benoit
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phone window frameSimon Rae
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Simon Rae

Theme used: Stockholm About Simon Rae

Top Tips for Travel Photography: Be Flexible

Flexibility is critical when you're a travel photographer. Sometimes, certain locations may not be open to the public or need to be booked in advance, so don't be alarmed when you have to change up the plans.

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desktop browser window frameTom Sieu
phone window frameTom Sieu
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Tom Sieu

Theme used: Amazon About Tom Sieu
desktop browser window frameVictoria Campa
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Victoria Campa

Theme used: Grace About Victoria Campa
desktop browser window frameDavid Oliete
phone window frameDavid Oliete
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David Oliete

Theme used: Frame About David Oliete
desktop browser window frameSamson Hatae
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Samson Hatae

Theme used: Ora About Samson Hatae
desktop browser window frameNicholas Pitt
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Nicholas Pitt

Theme used: Skyline About Nicholas Pitt
desktop browser window frameTrey Bohn
phone window frameTrey Bohn
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Trey Bohn

Theme used: Offset About Trey Bohn

Travel Photography Tips: Research, Research, Research

Being prepared is extremely critical for travel photographers. Each country and city have their own rules and customs. It's important to understand the country and make sure you follow their rules accordingly.

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desktop browser window frameMike O Hara
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Mike O Hara

Theme used: Ora About Mike O Hara
desktop browser window frameThibault Charpentier
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Thibault Charpentier

Theme used: Spruce About Thibault Charpentier
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Alija Bos

Theme used: Slate About Alija Bos
desktop browser window frameDaria Huxley
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Daria Huxley

Theme used: Ora About Daria Huxley
desktop browser window frameSimon Tupper
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Simon Tupper

Theme used: Amazon About Simon Tupper

Top Tips for Travel Photography: Tell Stories

A travel photographer has the ability to share intimate moments with the world. They can capture the hearts and souls of people around the globe literally with the push of a (camera) button. Focus on telling stories through your photographs – get to know the locals and their culture to help you do so!

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