Illustrator Illustration

Dot. Tayla Maree

“Tayla Maree is a multidisciplinary artist in rural Queensland, Australia. Soft landscapes, plant/animal studies, and some quirky digital illustrations can all be found throughout her works.”

Template: Sierra

Frank Dormer

“Frank Dormer is the author and illustrator of books like The Sword in the Stove, Click!, Socksquatch, and The Obstinate Pen. He is also the illustrator behind many other children's titles, including the Aggie and Ben, and Adventures Jo Schmo. His book Firefighter Duckies was released in 2017. It was then followed by two more illustrated books, Octopus Escapes, written by Nathaniel Lachenmeyer, and Ebenezer Has a Word for Everything, written by Chelsea Rowe, which were published in 2018.”

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Fiona McDonnell

“Fiona McDonnell is an Irish illustrator from Belfast with a distinct and colorful style of work. Often accompanied by commentary and self-reflection on social issues, music, film, or whatever else she may be interested in at the time.”

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Art Studio Yuko

“Yuko is a fashion Illustrator working in New York City. Her favorite mediums are ink, watercolor, oil pastel, and colored pencil as well as paper collage. She especially enjoys doing live-drawing, live-portrait at events or drawing sessions.”

Template: Peak

Allie Ballesteros

“Allie is a Peruvian-Cuban American Illustrator and Artist based in Manhattan. She is currently working as a Junior Illustrator at Rockstar Games. Allie's goal with her creative work is to empower women of color to embrace their power and be proud of where they are from. ”

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Caitlin Duennebier

“Caitlin works in painting, drawing, sculpture, and animation. She creates surreal narratives that focus on a cast of oddball characters. Drawn in a crude and illustrative manner, her scenes commingle threat and sly humor, showing everyday life tainted with the disappointments of violence and body image. ”

Template: Peak

Fátima Bravo

“Fátima Bravo is a graphic designer and illustrator born and raised in the north of Portugal. She graduated in Communication Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Oporto and I did a postgraduate degree in illustration at BAU, Barcelona University Design Center. Through her work as an illustrator, you can feel the influence of design and whenever it's possible she tries to combine the best of both worlds. The love for nature and the animal world are her biggest inspirations.”

Template: Sierra

Clémence Thune

“Clemence Thune’s work is fresh, actual and expressive. She works fast. Multi-faceted creator, she quickly understand a brief with ease and originality. Freelance based in Paris, France, she works as an artistic director, illustrator and graphic designer for motion design videos, prints, press and other communications visuals.”

Template: Spruce

Hayden Maynard

“Hayden is a Toronto-based illustrator who graduated from Sheridan College in Illustration Growing up he would split his time between drawing dragons and pretending to be one. Besides drawing and painting his biggest interests are cooking and writing. He is also a (very) amateur runner and hopes to one day complete a marathon.”

Template: Amazon

Hannah Camacho

“Kombucha drinker, podcast host (Basic Brainheart), mom, black belt and banjoist. Hannah Camacho has too many random interests to count. Her most favorite hobbies include making new friends and scribbling on sticky notes. ”

Template: Peak

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