Illustrator Illustration

Jo Ley

“Jo Ley is a NSW-based illustrator working predominantly in digital. Jo Ley studied Illustration at the University of the Arts London. After the graduation show, he was offered a Junior House Artist job working with two sister studios, one making pre-visualisation artwork and the other finished illustration. Since then, he has moved to Sydney to work as a freelance artist and is represented by The Jacky Winter Group.”

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Madelyn Cordeiro

“Madelyn Cordeiro is an Orlando-based Latinx illustrator and graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design. As a Mexican Cuban child who was raised in southern California, she is very passionate about the representation of Latinx culture in art. her goal is to create the art she would have wanted to see growing up. In her work you will find an intimate collection of poems and illustrations that showcases a contemporary look of evolving Latinx culture. ”

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Cyrielle Viany

“Cyrielle Viany is a London-based illustrator who graduated from UAL and is working with digital or traditional techniques such as collages, creating bold illustrations inspired by the mid-century design.”

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“"Peeld" is an archive of visual footnotes from the creator Terrence Adeyanju. His works reference the human experience, self empowerment, and the unseen through bold, colorful, and imaginative imagery. ”

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Nicki Startek

“Lowbrow and graffiti enthusiast. ”

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Ella Bucknall

“Ella Bucknall is a writer and illustrator currently working on a graphic biography of Virginia Woolf. Prior to an MA in Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts, Ella studied English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford. Ella is also the founder and editor of Whip zine, a magazine of political cartoons and satirical writing by women.”

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Rob Cannon

“Rob Cannon is an illustrative artist, born in Sacramento, California in 1989. He has an associate's degree in Art from American River College, which proudly hangs upside-down in his studio, to remind him of how useful it has been. To date he has produced artwork for 12 comics, lettered and edited many more, and has no plans of stopping.”

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Harmony Hardin Illustration

“Harmony Hardin Illustration is a 34-year old human learning how to draw. After a 20 year "break", starting up again and improving the skills in children's book illustration.”

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mark mckinley

“Mark McKinley is a children's picture book artist and author living in London. He writes and draws books for kids. He has recently finished a book for Bloomsbury Publishing about a Viking boy called Nut who loves baking cakes.”

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“Thuy Tien Ho, as known as Junetien, is a Hanoi-based freelance illustrator. After graduating with MA in visual communication at Kingston University, UK in 2018, she has been illustrating for NGO and publishers. Besides the job as an artist, she works as a part-time art educator for children, university students, and people with special needs. ”

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