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Jane Cabrera

“Jane Cabrera is a well-known author and illustrator of children’s books. She has written and illustrated 59 books that have been translated into more than 25 languages. She has won awards in both the US and Europe. Jane’s books range from picture books to board books for babies. Jane designs her books from the initial concept, including novelty elements and hand typography. Many of her picture books are based on traditional nursery rhymes, updated with her own modern fun twist. ”

Template: Ora

Andrew Dylan Campbell

“Andrew Dylan Campbell is an illustrator of stories and an art teacher living in Oceanside, NY. He likes to draw in ballpoint pen, watercolors, and gouache. Every new project is a new adventure, and he likes to spend plenty of time researching and sketching before committing to a final image. ”

Template: Foray

Sid Sharp

“Sid is an illustrator and comic artist whose drawings are usually irreverent and a little spooky. They live in Toronto, where they're working on a new graphic novel.”

Template: Peak

Henry Rivers

“Best know for his playful, minimalist posters, Henry Rivers is an illustrator with a passion for travel. Working in a combination of hand-painted and digital techniques, Henry creates richly textured artworks with a sense of calm and escapism. Originally from the Isle of Wight, Henry is currently living and working in London. His artwork has been exhibited in 18 different countries and appeared on wine bottles, book covers and airline trolleys.”

Template: Amazon

Steve Adams

“Steve Adams is an illustrator.”

Template: Ora

Fernando Volken Togni

“Fernando is a Brazilian illustrator and graphic designer based in London. He illustrates daily life with clear-cut shapes and bold use of colour.”

Template: Meander

Kevin Herrmann

“Kevin Herrmann is a freelance animator and illustrator based in Germany. Currently, he is open to commissions and collaborations.”

Template: Mica

Carly Gledhill

“Carly Gledhill is a children’s book Author/ Illustrator and surface pattern designer living and working in Stockport, U.K. Combining a love of colour, character design and hand drawn lettering, she has worked as a Print Designer for design studios and completed an MA in Children’s book illustration. ”

Template: Amazon


“Sumrow is a New Mexico based illustrator. He works with fantasy, horror, and science fiction. Sumrow spent almost two decades as a Graphic Designer and now focuses on his first love: painting and illustration.”

Template: Amazon


“Julie Rocheleau is a Canadian illustrator and cartoonist, most notably of the Eisner nominated About Betty's Boob, a wordless, burlesque and uplifting tale about body image and breast cancer, and The Wrath of Fantômas, a tale about the famous, fictional french criminal mastermind. As an illustrator, she tend to combine aspects of the darker side of humans and nature with the vivacious, colorful world of danse and music. Her work is also influenced by cinema, littérature and biology.”

Template: Peak

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