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“Yunjie Huang (artist name as FengYe) is a passionate and creative illustrator, graphic designer and ceramic artist based in London. As a critical thinker and talented researcher, she draws inspiration from numerous sources and use visual language to translate abstract concepts into artistic creations. Her personal style focuses more towards dreamy, soft and whimsical concepts with surrealistic undertones. ”

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Justin Keys

“ Justin Keys, a native of Mendenhall, Mississippi, has risen to prominence as a highly influential artist and graphic designer in Indianapolis. His captivating work and unique style have captured the hearts of many, leaving a lasting impact on the art scene of the city. Through his innovative approach and dedication to his craft, Justin has become a beacon of inspiration for aspiring artists in the community. ”

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Van Wentz Visuals

“Hailing from Cleveland Ohio, Van Wentz is a gifted illustrator and portraitist whose work is respected for being full of passion, and perspective. He uses graphite pencils to produce the appearance and feel of both old Hollywood film and rich monochrome photography, pushing artistic boundaries. Van Wentz's pencil portraits flawlessly merge reality and imagination, leaving you awed by his artistic vision and meticulous attention to detail. His art is a remarkable addition to any collection. ”

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Geo Law

“Geo Law is a London based British born Chinese illustrator who uses a blend of doodle and character art to create little worlds with texture and detail. He has worked for notable global brands from Taco Bell, Google and Kiehl's to name a few. His work is inspired by retro video games, comic books and hiphop music and is fuelled by curiosity and pots of coffee.”

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Michael Yoshimura

“Michael Yoshimura - Concept Artist. His passion lies in combining the mediums of cinematography, CG, and architecture - communicating spatial design through visual narratives and multi-media. Michael received his Bachelor & Master of Architecture from the Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism. Michael has also studied in Spain at Universidad Europa de Madrid.”

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Javi Aznarez

“Based in Cadaqués, Spain, Javi Aznarez worked as a cartoonist in Paris for four years, before making the decision to leave the city and settle in a quiet town on the Spanish coast, surrounded by nature. He runs the gallery Taller de Tabakov. Recently he has been working in collaboration with Wes Anderson for The French Dispatch.”

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Benghal Hazim

“Benghal Hazim is a dedicated Senior 2D Artist with a passion for creating visually stunning and immersive gaming experiences. Skilled in character design, and UI/UX design. Proficient in industry-standard software and techniques.”

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Lazuli Ray

“Lazuli Ray is a graphic designer/illustrator from Texas. They have been designing and illustrating since they were a teenager, for over 10 years. Lazuli obtained their Associates in Art degree in December 2014, and completed their BFA in Painting and Drawing from UTSA in May 2022,”

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Sheena Holm

“Sheena Holm is a concept artist living in Los Angeles. They are currently working with ForeVR Games, creating environments, props, and marketing assets. As a graduate of Art Center College of Design, their background consists of ten years of freelance work for theme parks and games. ”

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“Adrián Cendagorta is a concept artist from Barcelona, specializing in backgrounds, and working in the animation and videogames industry.”

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Shot by member Mark Clennon