Illustrator Illustration

Harmony Hardin Illustration

“Harmony Hardin Illustration is a 34-year old human learning how to draw. After a 20 year "break", starting up again and improving the skills in children's book illustration.”

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Chiara Irene Conte

“Chiara Irene Conte is an illustrator based in Milan, Italy, with a strong passion for watercolor and colored pencils, and coffee.”

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mark mckinley

“Mark McKinley is a children's picture book artist and author living in London. He writes and draws books for kids. He has recently finished a book for Bloomsbury Publishing about a Viking boy called Nut who loves baking cakes.”

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“Thuy Tien Ho, as known as Junetien, is a Hanoi-based freelance illustrator. After graduating with MA in visual communication at Kingston University, UK in 2018, she has been illustrating for NGO and publishers. Besides the job as an artist, she works as a part-time art educator for children, university students, and people with special needs. ”

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“Varya is an independent researcher and illustrator, a biologist with a specialization in marine invertebrates and single-cell organisms. Varya does drawing in gouache, watercolor, oil, pastel, and mixed media, paper cutting, and collage. Illustration is a tool that allows Varya to grab the essence of feelings, personal experiences, and scientific questions alike and to render them comprehensible to a wide audience. ”

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Alexander Breden

“Alexander Breden is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Hamburg, Germany. He has work experience in illustration, branding, packaging, and contemporary art and performs a playful and colorful style.”

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Katie Mulligan

“Katie Mulligan is an illustrator from Syracuse, NY. In her work, she tackles some of her favorite topics like women's issues, the natural world, and mental health. The areas of illustrations she loves the most are editorial, publishing, and music-related works. Katie has worked with clients including HuffPost, the S.I Newhouse School of Public Communications, and Jerk Magazine.”

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Ryan Hodge of Woof Portrait

“Dogs are Ryan Hodge's everything! Since adopting his own dog, Pico, Ryan's illustration career has taken a canine-shaped detour. His custom pet portraits are inspired by Pop Artist like Andy Warhol and fuse traditional painting with screen printing. Each portrait is based on a client's favorite photo and is hand-drawn using an iPad. The image is built up in many layers of color and detail resulting in a bright, punchy portrait that really celebrates their dog's character. ”

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Anne-Cécile Lafourcade.

“Anne-Cécile Lafourcade is an illustrator based in Paris. Her illustrations are inspired by her travels. Colorful, vegetal, and dreamlike sensations that the vibrant colors of the gouache and the texture of the linocut allow her to transcribe. ”

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Allison Hall

“Allison Hall is an illustrator in Savannah, Georgia. She enjoys painting flowers and happy-looking illustrations. Her main mediums are traditional gouache, watercolor, and pen. Allison creates so that folks might feel some sort of warmth or nostalgia from her work. Her work is inspired by community and the comfort of friendship.”

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