Best Creative Makeup Artist Hashtags for 2023

It can be complicated to become a professional makeup artist in 2023, then you need to learn the art of finding customers on various social media networks. For most, it starts with hashtags.

You will find everything you need to create a custom hashtag and promote your account This  will help you build a following on Instagram and Twitter, as well as YouTube, Pinterest, and any other platform that uses hashtags as a method to direct traffic, as well as show your work to potential clients. So, let’s get you started!

black woman wearing kuei alor makeup with streaks of red and blue down her face and along her lash line

Hashtags are an essential part of brand and individual content strategies around the world. An easy way for your audience to find your makeup artist examples and any other content you create, hashtags are clickable links that group your content with other similar content and help increase your social reach to make your content more discoverable to a wider audience.

Hashtags are a part of everyday life, but here are a few tips to get the most out of how you’re using them:

  • Check hashtags used in the Instagram Explore page: Using the explore page will give you an idea of what hashtags are trending. If your content can get onto the Explore page you will be sure to reach a much wider audience.

  • Use the hashtag autocomplete feature: With Instagram, you can search for accounts, places, hashtags, audio, and top-performing content. When you start typing to find a tag, such as “sunsetphotography”, the Instagram search engine will populate similar terms that you can use to broaden the reach of your content.

  • Follow relevant hashtags: Yep! You can follow hashtags too, not just accounts. Check out the other hashtags being used on the content you follow for inspo on how to tag your own sunset photos.

Use a social listening tool: Social listening tools are powerful and give you insights into more than just the best hashtags, like campaign hashtags, popular keywords, industry keywords, and so much more.

General Hashtags for Makeup Artists

First, we will discuss the best generic hashtags to use for finding your audience. Whether you want to do makeup tutorials or review products or anything in between we should have you covered. We can get into the more specific hashtags later, as they often are specialized depending on the type of content you post to your account. 

Daily Makeup Hashtags

Daily makeup hashtags will be your bread and butter for your social media posts. These are the ones you want to use almost always, with few exceptions. Some of these are relevant to the time of day, but, social media exists outside of time and space so it’s not too important for generic posts and content. 

#wakeupandmakeup #makeupoftheday #MUA #dailymakeup #makeuplooks #makeuplook #makeupartist #makeup

Makeup Artistry Hashtags 

These hashtags have a little more to do with the technique of makeup artistry. Think about the type of makeup you’re posting about, maybe even the archetype of makeup for these, and you’ll be golden. 

#lipstick  #beautiful #lashes #eyeshadow #contouring #lipgloss #foundation

Glamor hashtags

Glamor is all about effortless beauty. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily equate to easy or uncomplicated makeup techniques, but you want your followers to have that impression anyways. 

#glam #glamor #glamormakeup #glamorous #effortlessbeauty #effortlessglamor

TikTok Makeup Hashtags

TikTok is a great place to start engaging with your audience. A lot of tiktok users feel a sense of connection to the accounts they follow and engage with. Here are some TikTok hashtags to get you started.

#tiktokmakeup #tiktokchallenge #undiscovered #cutcrease #makeupaddict #makeupgeek

Instagram Makeup hashtags

Since becoming part of Meta, Instagram has turned into a sort of TikTok for Millenials. While a lot of the same hashtags would work for both, here are some simple and straightforward hashtags specific to Instagram. Ph, and don’t forget to repost your TikToks as Instagram Reels

#instagrammakeup #underratedmakeupartists #glowup #makeupgram #makeupartistry #makeupofig

Specific Hashtags for Makeup Artists

Now that we covered the basics, we can talk about the hashtags that will help refine your audience and specialize your account to fit your desired niche. There are plenty of types of make up out there, and while you might not know what your special little corner of the makeup artist social media scene is quite yet, these can at least get the ball rolling for you. 

Bridal and Wedding hashtags

If you want to dabble in wedding makeup (or already have an established presence in bridal makeup) these are some hashtags you will find useful. If all else fails, just keep it simple. You’ll want to channel the effortless beauty and confidence necessary to give a good impression on someone who wants to hire you for their special day. 

#bridalmakeup #weddingmakeup #bridetobe #weddingceremony #bridalmakeupartist #weddingmakeupartist

Fashion Makeup hashtags

The fashion industry as a whole is incredibly competitive. If you want a chance to win the attention of your peers and potential customers, you need them to see your work. Here are some hashtags relevant to fashion makeup.

#fashionmakeup #editorialmakeup #creativemua #creativemakeup #runwaymakeup #highfashionmakeup

Special Effects Makeup

Maybe you’re not like those other makeup artists. Maybe you find beauty in the odd, perplexing, and even disturbing things. If you’re one of those loveable weirdos, you will likely benefit from using some of these hashtags. Whether your thing is prosthetics, gore or anything slimy, here are the best hashtags for special effects makeup

#specialfxmakeup #sfxmakeup #scarymakeup #specialeffectsmakeup #sfx #spfxmakeup

TV and Film Makeup Hashtags

TV makeup may or may not be your thing A light hand is key here. Less is more. The biggest trick for this is to make sure you don’t make anything look too obvious. Here are some hashtags you can use to make your beginning.

#tvmakeup #tvmua #tvmakeupartist #highlightandcontour #filmmakeup #filmmua

Makeup Education

Whether you’re the student or the teacher, it’s always good to have a beginner’s mindset, as it helps others interpret you as being teachable. Moreover, you need to teach the algorithm what you want others to know you for. If education and makeup is your thing on either side of the classroom desk, use some of these hashtags.

#makeupcourses #makeupclass #makeuptutorial #makeupideas #makeupclasses #makeupcourse

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