Makeup Artist Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

Makeup artists, if you are serious at what you do, then having a portfolio of your work is a must. Here are some examples with tips and tricks for your inspiration.

July 13, 2021
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Celica Sea

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Melinda Grant

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Andrea Sailis

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Christina Lammardo

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Danika Lav

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Makeup Artist Website Ideas: Include An About Page On Your Portfolio

Your makeup artist portfolio images may speak for themselves, but it’s still important to include an ‘About Me’ page on your portfolio website. Potential clients will be drawn in based on your work, but they’ll still appreciate having some background information about your experience, training, and areas you specialize in. There are lots of creative makeup artist bio ideas out there, so make sure your personality is reflected in yours.

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Lindi Taylor

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Allison Depriestre

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Tami Shirey

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Makeup Portfolio Ideas: Showcase A Range Of Styles

Showing the breadth of looks you can create is valuable because it enables clients to feel confident that you have the technical ability to recreate the makeup style they’re going for. However, if you specialize in a narrow niche of makeup artistry, your portfolio should all fit within that niche. If you only want to work with bridal clients, it doesn’t make sense to have high concept fashion looks in your portfolio, but you’ll still want to show a range of different approaches to bridal makeup.

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