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Leslie Lynch

“Leslie Lynch is a self-driven designer with technical experience in all facets of architectural projects, with a particular interest and specialization in aviation and theatre design. Passionate about retaining a strong design intent through project realization while achieving client goals and systematic criteria. When leading coordination efforts with clients, contractors and consultants, I believe it is especially crucial to a project’s success to encourage collaboration within the studio. ”

Template: Fabric

Okumura, Reina

“Reina Okumura is an architectural designer who has completed Environmental Design at OCAD University. She is interested in the relationship between a place and its historical aspects. She believes that architecture works as a form to foster closer engagement between people and a place. Through her studies at OCAD University, she has gained various software skills, an ability to solve problems, as well as a visual presentation skills. ”

Template: Peak

Jocine Velasco

“Jocine is a settler interdisciplinary researcher and designer. She studied landscape architecture at University of Washington - Seattle in the unceded lands of the Duwamish and other Coast Salish peoples. She was born in the Philippines and raised in the gulfcoast of Florida. Jocine was a small-scale farmer in New Orleans before moving to the Pacific Northwest. She learns from plants, especially plants that do well on the margins and in fire disturbances.”

Template: Amazon

Rosehall Homes

“Rosehall Homes is a design-build company that blends functionality, uniqueness, and sustainability. Whether building a new home or transforming a single room we bring a sophisticated and inspired sense of space and light. We aim to create a sense of comfortable simplicity that is tailored to each of our client’s individuality. We love collaborating with our clients and together creating spaces that bring them joy.”

Template: Mica

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How to create a architect design portfolio website.

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