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Chloe Lin

“Chloe Lin is an interior design graduate from OCAD University (Toronto, Canada). They earned a Bachelor of Design degree in Environmental Design (Interior Design specialization). Lin is experienced and adept at directing all aspects of design projects, from graphic design to interior design. They are an energetic and ambitious person with mature and responsible approaches. Lin has a creative flair and a strong visual sense to meet the demands of clients.”

Template: Slate

Ana Alirangues

“Ana Alirangues holds a Professional Master’s Degree(M.Arch) and a Bachelor (B.Arch) in Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (ETSAM). Since 2015, Alirangues has combined academic activity with a professional career, working on the design of a wide variety of buildings. These include custom-made residences, renovation projects, restaurants, and hotels. ”

Template: Kiln

Adrián León Brenes

“Adrián León Brenes is a San José-based architect and urban designer. Brenes graduates from University of Costa Rica. In his work, he has always sought to confront design problems through innovative solutions, clear strategies, and the systemization of the different tasks and components that compromise a project. ”

Template: Horizon Left

Carlos Marzano

“Carlos Marzano is an Environmental Design student at Ontario College of Arts and Design University with an intent to develop the skills necessary to pursue a career in Architecture, and Environmental Design.”

Template: Albers

Rosehall Homes

“Rosehall Homes is a design-build company that blends functionality, uniqueness, and sustainability. Whether building a new home or transforming a single room we bring a sophisticated and inspired sense of space and light. We aim to create a sense of comfortable simplicity that is tailored to each of our client’s individuality. We love collaborating with our clients and together creating spaces that bring them joy.”

Template: Ora

Natalia Zwardon

“Natalia Zwardoń is a designer with an architectural background. Her fascination with colors, collage and forms pushes her to create playful spaces and objects with a striking aesthetic, often taking inspiration from surrealism as well as the worlds of installation and sculpture.”

Template: Peak

Updated on August 5, 2019 | By Steph Davidson

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How to create a architect design portfolio website.

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