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“Edgar Ferrer is a motion designer and animator working for almost 15 years between Barcelona, Brussels, and Berlin. He loves telling stories through design and animation in 2D, 3D, or mixing both at the same time.”

Template: Sierra

Rachel Eck

“Rachel Eck is a designer and letterer from the NY/NJ metro area. She earned her art degree from Rutgers University and went on to work across many design mediums over the past 15 years. Starting in Brooklyn at a boutique custom font and typesetting shop in Park Slope, Rachel went on to do international brand guidelines, campaigns and event activations with brands like Verizon, Citi bike and Lyft.”

Template: Order

Sarah Hein

“Sarah Hein is a set designer and creative director currently based out of Southern California. Her scope of work includes product styling, fashion campaigns/film/editorial, look books, music videos, social media advertising, and events.”

Template: Mica

Raj K. Shah

“Raj is a garden-variety savant, proficient in visual design, photography, filmmaking, video editing, UI design, illustration and typography. He lives and works in New York City and is perpetually awestruck by the sheer grandeur of the universe.”

Template: Ora

Karl Nandan

“Karl Nandan has been described as a collaborative storyteller with vast experience across agency, design studios and in-house corporate within the FMCG, retail, corporate, banking, healthcare and hospitality industries. They love thinking outside the box and coming up with eye catching memorable ideas that have a lasting customer impression. ”

Template: Slate

Zita creatives | JeffKonings

“ Zita creatives provides services in design, graphic design and photography. They specialize in B2B marketing communication tools and have twenty seven years of experience.”

Template: Mica

Dan Tim

“Dan Tim enjoys visualizng great ideas. Their purpose is to help maximize people's greatest visions by providing stunning branding and designs. Dan has built strong experiences in various creative medias including graphic design, motion graphics, video production, logo design and more.”

Template: Coral

Early Cloud Design

“Early Cloud Design Integration Limited is a creative design integration company from Macau. The designer members are mainly from Macau, Taiwan and Malaysia. Their work focuses on using rigorous market research and analysis methods, unique design methods, and innovative thinking to help customers successfully develop their brand business. ”

Template: Order

Ahmed Bokhari

“Ahmed is a versatile and creative young professional who is passionate about various forms of design such as Architecture, Interior Design, Environmental Design, and Spatial Design. With experience in the Architecture and Interior Design industry, Ahmen is eager to build a career with the DGC with a focus on Set Design. Ahmed’s experiences as a multifaceted designer give him the right tools to jump into any project.”

Template: Horizon

Arnis Putnins

“Arnis’s work focuses on research-based design: photography, film, illustration, sculpture, and typography. Arnis is a graphic designer experienced in brand identity, creative direction, photography, film video production, illustration, and website design. He leverages graphic design communication knowledge combined with public relations agency work experience to help understand client interests in a broad context. ”

Template: Order

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