Design portfolio website examples.


“A design and interior architecture agency in Paris specializing in designing furniture and interiors. Antoine Mège founded his studio in 2016 with the aim of developing an interior architecture and design activity based on social and environmental values.”

Template: Mica

Estudio Anabella Valls

“An interior design studio based in Elche. Interior designer, Anabella studied interior Architecture at the European University of Madrid. ”

Template: Peak

Nico Bonacquist

“Nico Bonacquist is a New York City-based designer at Tommy Boy Records. ”

Template: Horizon Left

Ola Galewicz

“Ola is a creative working within both traditional and digital media, with a focus on illustration and graphic design. Based in London, but originally from Poland, Ola has been heavily influenced by Slavic folklore and Polish School of Posters. In her work, she often uses bold shapes and vibrant colors to create compelling images that capture a sense of individual personality. She aims to approach every task with humor and playfulness, always remaining open to new challenges.”

Template: Post

Natalia Barragán Nieto

“Natalia Barragán Nieto doesn't believe in coincidences. She believes in the alignment of specific factors at a specific moment: synchronicity. She believes that life is the result of a constant decision-making process, with is done both consciously and unconsciously. It is an eternal quest in order to achieve equilibrium and equanimity. Her creations consist of dialogs between analog and digital, between reality and fiction, and between images, sounds and words. ”

Template: Fabric

Delila Ziebart

“Delila is an interdisciplinary creative. She is a graphic designer and photographer that creates visual identities and communicates them through images, print, and digital design. ”

Template: Fabric

Kelly de Gier

“Gier Studios is a Denmark-based design studio and lifestyle label established by Kelly de Gier. Gier Studios is a multidisciplinary creative space with a minimal and holistic approach to design. ”

Template: Fabric

Jennifer Mazur

“Jennifer Mazur is a fashion and celebrity stylist based in Los Angeles. She has styled public figures like Alessandra Ambrosio, Camila Cabello, Olivia Culpo, Irina Shayk, Sara Sampaio, Sofia Ritchie, Isla Fisher, Sofia Boutella, Kat Graham, and more, as well as fashion publications like Harpers Bazaar, Elle, L'Officiel, and others. Jennifer has a sophisticated eye and styles her clients in a modern, elegant way with a touch of edge. Her clients are on the top dressed lists worldwide.”

Template: Horizon Left

Turner, Halle

“Halle Turner is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto, Canada & New York. She has a strong focus on clothing, textile design, and styling.”

Template: Horizon Left

Sarah Park

“Sarah Park is a self-motivated designer currently studying at RISD. She is known for creating work centered around alternative solutions that prevent contributing to the overwhelming amount of waste fashion desecrates into the environment. She is also known for advocating and using fashion as a form of self-expression. Many of her projects are inspired by personal experiences with struggling to find comfort in her own identity and wishes to one day inspire others through her journey.”

Template: Fabric

Updated on June 25, 2021 | By Steph Davidson

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