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Kiki Álvarez del Castillo

“Kiki is a photographer based in Guadalajara, México. She started experimenting with cameras at a young age and soon became passionate about portrait photography. She has had the opportunity to capture different people and places enhancing her passion and dedication to photography. Nowadays, she's focused on food photography, product shots, portraits, and editorial while playing with her own, unique style. ”

Template: Horizon Left

Nell Hoving

“Nell Hoving Photography is a female owned and operated company with over 15 years of industry experience. Nell specializes in advertising, editorial, and e-commerce photography. Nell has had the opportunity to photograph high level executives, professional athletes, and politicians, President Clinton and President Obama. Nell is passionate about student mentoring, entrepreneurship, and finding the best big chomps. She is a member of ASMP.”

Template: Amazon

deborah maxx

“Deborah Maxx is a Brazilian-American still-life photographer, specialized in luxury goods, fashion and beauty products, and interior. With a background in Arts, she spent 7 years in the US studying photography. Back in Brazil, she was soon nominated for the 39th Prêmio Abril de Jornalismo (Abril Journalism Award - 2014). In 2017 she was a finalist at the "Visual Arts Press Awards 2017" in the US, and received the Premio Ñh17 - Lo Mejor del Diseño Periodístico, in Spain.”

Template: Amazon

Makito Inomata

“Makito is a commercial photographer based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. He attended Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and later went on to assist both local and international photographers before honing his lighting skills under the tutelage of photographer Clinton Hussey. Makito's work has achieved awards by Communication Arts and Graphis.”

Template: Ora

Eva Roovers

“Eva Roovers is an artist specialized in luxury product photography working for international fashion brands and magazines. Trough a carefully selected color pallet and with a delicate eye for textures and surfaces, she creates playful but refined images. In a bold colorful style, she combines the impossible, turning every day in poetics and matching contrasting elements in perfect harmony. Making use of mirrors, balance and colored lighting, all effects are created in the studio.”

Template: Sierra

Alice Angelini

“Alice Angelini is an Italian freelance photographer based in Amsterdam, where she currently studies Linguistics. Alice's photographs mostly focus on the tiny details that are taken for granted. Through the use of textures and colors, Alice's compositions aim to confront the viewer with the overlooked beauty of everyday objects. Her creative process is deeply affected (and almost completely driven) by music and nature, the two main pillars of her inspiration.”

Template: Offset

Dylan Osborne

“Dylan Osborne describes himself as a colorblind food photographer with at least a dozen food allergies. As a natural contrarian, he thinks that may have decided his path. Food photography piqued Dylan's interest because he shouldn’t be doing it. It didn’t make sense for him; it was too challenging. It’s tested his physical and mental abilities in ways he never expected, and now those sorts of challenges are what he thrives upon. He is always looking to expand his work and hone his craft.”

Template: Amazon

Julie Saulue

“Julie Saulue specializes in product photography and still-life. She particularly enjoys shooting homemade products and creating conceptual work for advertising purposes. Julia also offers retouching service as of her business.”

Template: Grace

Ashley Sarrett Lippincott

“Ashley Lippincott is a lifestyle and product photographer based in Florida. Her love for being on the water and living a healthy lifestyle can be seen in her transporting images. Ashley's warm connected spirit allows her subjects to feel at ease on her shoots. Her images have a soft feminine vibe showcasing the product or person in a warm approachable manner. Her work can be seen in advertising campaigns and editorial stories.”

Template: Mica

Rosanna Jones

“Rosanna Jones is a portrait and fashion photographer specialising in experimental mixed media. Her process rarely ends with the initial exposure, as she creates tactile pieces that have been painted, collaged, destroyed or totally reconstructed through physical manipulation. ”

Template: Panorama

Updated on October 10, 2019 | By Steph Davidson

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