Top Product Photography Hashtags 2022

Product photography is an exciting and dynamic type of photography that gives you the chance to really flex your creative muscles. Each brand; each brief will have different requirements, keeping you on your game and keeping your ideas fresh. But once the work is done and the images are delivered to the client, you have to promote your own work by posting the images on your online portfolio website and on your social media channels. Make sure you maximize your social reach by including some of these hashtags in your social strategy.


More often than not, the average consumer does a good portion of their shopping online. Because of this, the demand for professional, highly skilled product photographers has also increased.

So what’s a great starting point when trying to establish yourself as a product photographer? Hashtags!

Hashtags are an essential part of brand and individual content strategies around the world. An easy way for your audience to find your content, hashtags are clickable links that group your content with other similar content and help increase your social reach to make your content more discoverable to a wider audience.

In other words, hashtags can help potential clients find your product photography images, which could help with job leads.

If you think hashtags could help build your product photography business, here are a few tips to get the most out of how you’re using them:

  1. Check hashtags used in the Instagram Explore page: Using the explore page will give you an idea of what hashtags are trending. If your content can get onto the Explore page you will be sure to reach a much wider audience.

  2. Use the hashtag autocomplete feature: With Instagram, you can search for accounts, places, hashtags, audio, and top-performing content. When you start typing to find a tag, the Instagram search engine will populate similar terms that you can use to broaden the reach of your content.

  3. Follow relevant hashtags: Yep! You can follow hashtags too, not just accounts. Check out the other hashtags being used on the content you follow for inspo.

  4. Use a social listening tool: Social listening tools are powerful and give you insights into more than just the best hashtags, like campaign hashtags, popular keywords, industry keywords, and so much more.

If you’re ready to implement your hashtag strategy ASAP, here are some of the top hashtags for product photographers that we recommend.

Product Photography Hashtags You Need To Try

Keep in mind that there are many different types of product photography, and not every product hashtag is going to be relevant to the type of product photography you specialize in.

For instance, maybe you specialize in fashion product photography. In this case, product photography hashtags for technology products are not going to be relevant.

When in doubt, pick and choose the hashtags that are relevant to the specific type of product photography you’re shooting.

1. General Product Photography

As mentioned above, product photography hashtags can be very niche depending on what type of products you are shooting. Having said that, there are still some general product photography hashtags that we recommend implementing. These more general product photography hashtags will ensure that the right eyes are on your images, no matter what the actual product itself is.

#productphotography #productphotographer #commercialphotography #productshoot #productphoto #advertisingphotography #productphotoshoot #branding #advertising #productstyling

2. Fashion/Style Product Photography

Extremely popular on Instagram, you won’t struggle to find fashion product photographers on the app. Having said that, you might struggle to pinpoint fashion product photography, especially on a platform like Instagram. This is because, often, the fashion is worn on models and styled to look natural (i.e. less like advertising and more like something the average individual might wear). Either way, it’s still important to add your product photography hashtags to your fashion images.

#lifestyle #fashion #studiophotography #model #shop #fashionista #jewelry #style #lifestyleproductphotography

3. Beauty/Skincare Product Photography

Similar to fashion product photography, you’ll also find that beauty product photography is popular on social media platforms like Instagram. In particular, makeup and skincare are extremely prevalent and might be easier to spot than fashion photography. Having said that, beauty product photography still often has a lifestyle angle to it. The main difference is the product is usually featured somewhere in the image.

#flatlay #skincare #beauty #makeup #beauty #beautymakeup ##beautyobsessed #beautyphotography

4. Tech Product Photography

Tech product photography doesn’t usually have as strong of a lifestyle element, making it easier to spot. This is largely because when consumers are purchasing tech products they want to be able to see the product details, especially because tech products can be rather pricey. Tech products can include everything from laptops and headphones to television sets and stereo systems. Not every hashtag here will be relevant, but using hashtags to name the technology you’re photographing is an excellent place to start.

#apple #macbook #laptop #tech #tecnnology #techlover #techgeek

5. Home Decor Product Photography

Whether it be individual product shots or highly stylized shoots that involve a full set, home decor product photography can be very fun and creative to shoot. Again, this might be one of those product photos that’s hard to spot on Instagram, but using these hashtags, plus the more general product photography hashtag mentioned above, will help draw people to your work.

#home #homedecor #decor #homedecorating #homedecorideas #homesweethome #homestyle #decorlovers

6. Food Product Photography

When you think of food photography on social media, you likely think of recipes posted by your favorite food bloggers, or delicious dinners from your favorite restaurants. But, don’t forget, there’s also food product photography. The protein powder you buy for your daily smoothie, the granola bars you love to snack on, and even the coffee you sip on in the morning are all products that require product photography for advertising purposes. These hashtags can help get eyes on your food product photography.

#food #foodporn #foodstyling #dinner #foodphotography #foodie #foodstagram #instafood #healthyfood

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