The 10 Best Product Photography Portfolio Examples of 2022

Looking to get into product photography? These portfolio examples should give you a taste of how to win business with quality product photography website templates

February 8, 2022

As online shopping and e-commerce continue to dominate our modern marketplaces, product photography has emerged as a popular career choice for both aspiring and seasoned photographers. In this article, we’ll give you a sampler of 4 eye-catching product photography portfolio examples. In today’s competitive landscape, capturing beautiful, high-quality shots won’t be enough for product photographers to stand out from their competitors. You’ll need to build a professional portfolio that will narrow down your best images, highlight your best skills, and draw the eyes of your future clients to your quality shots. Be sure to follow them to get a sense of how to build a strong portfolio that will showcase your capabilities and help you land your next gig.

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desktop browser window frameRG Medestomas
phone window frameRG Medestomas
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RG Medestomas

Theme used: Peak

RG Medestomas’ fascination with photography started with a Lomo camera and since getting his first real camera in 2008, he has not stopped shooting. That’s how Foto Medestomas started. He enjoys working on a project from start to finish allowing him to expand into production, creative direction and as well as post-production. His personal style and interests easily translates to his visual identity as a photographer.
desktop browser window frameTimothy Hogan
phone window frameTimothy Hogan
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Timothy Hogan

Theme used: Motion

A craftsman and problem solver since childhood, Timothy approaches every project with the problem-solving eye of an inventor, the business mind of an entrepreneur, and the enthusiasm of a child. Equal parts right and left brain, his creativity shines in solving the most complex problems, beautifully. Based in Los Angeles, he shoots and directs worldwide, specializing in beverage, fragrance, jewelry and luxury goods.
desktop browser window frameAlex Kapustin
phone window frameAlex Kapustin
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Alex Kapustin

Theme used: Amazon

Alex Kapustin's work is a mix of editorial and commercial imagery. Colorful and diverse, experimental, with an edge, clean and fun all around.
desktop browser window frameRagnar Schmuck
phone window frameRagnar Schmuck
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Ragnar Schmuck

Theme used: Meander

Ragnar Schmuck is a German photographer based in Berlin. His work for editorial and advertising clients is always driven by curiosity. In a playful and creative approach he likes to unveil the previously unseen. Arranging something meticulously and catching something by surprise both fascinate him equally.
desktop browser window frameGanesh Hennigs
phone window frameGanesh Hennigs
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Ganesh Hennigs

Theme used: Peak

Ganesh is a design-savvy creative with passion and a unique vision. He produces quirky and fun work for the product and editorial markets. Hennigs finds the notion of subtlety within an image and can provide clarity and a strong POV for a brand.
desktop browser window frameNaomi J Morris
phone window frameNaomi J Morris
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Naomi J Morris

Theme used: Amazon

Naomi J Morris creates eye-catching images that intrigue potential customers to find out more about the products or brands she works worth. She specializes in working with business owners and creatives, who rely on her expertise to attract and engage their audience to drive more sales.
desktop browser window frameTobi Jenkins
phone window frameTobi Jenkins
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Tobi Jenkins

Theme used: Frame

Tobi specialises in high end product and still life photography as well as CGI environments for hero products. When he can, he adds to his ever-expanding book collection. He is predominantly in the commercial and editorial industries. He works predominately within the commercial and editorial sectors of the industry.
desktop browser window framedeborah maxx
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deborah maxx

Theme used: Amazon

Deborah Maxx is a Brazilian-American still-life photographer, specialized in luxury goods, fashion and beauty products, and interior. With a background in Arts, she spent 7 years in the US studying photography. Back in Brazil, she was soon nominated for the 39th Prêmio Abril de Jornalismo (Abril Journalism Award - 2014). In 2017 she was a finalist at the "Visual Arts Press Awards 2017" in the US, and received the Premio Ñh17 - Lo Mejor del Diseño Periodístico, in Spain.
desktop browser window frameEva Roovers
phone window frameEva Roovers
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Eva Roovers

Theme used: Sierra

Eva Roovers is an artist specialized in luxury product photography working for international fashion brands and magazines. Trough a carefully selected color pallet and with a delicate eye for textures and surfaces, she creates playful but refined images. In a bold colorful style, she combines the impossible, turning every day in poetics and matching contrasting elements in perfect harmony. Making use of mirrors, balance and colored lighting, all effects are created in the studio.
desktop browser window framePeter Oakley
phone window framePeter Oakley
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Peter Oakley

Theme used: Horizon

Pete Oakley is a commercial still life photographer with a minimalistic and geometric aesthetic.

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