Product Photography Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

Here are examples, tips and tricks of product photography portfolios that can inspire you to start your own product portfolio.

June 18, 2021
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Guillem Lopez

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About Guillem Lopez

Guillem Lopez is a professional Commercial, Product and Portrait photographer based in Barcelona, Spain, providing images to the Commercial and Editorial markets worldwide. His style and approach is simple, true, bold and straight from camera where he applies his point of view gained after many years traveling and shooting around the world.
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RG Medestomas

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About RG Medestomas

RG Medestomas’ fascination with photography started with a Lomo camera and since getting his first real camera in 2008, he has not stopped shooting. That’s how Foto Medestomas started. He enjoys working on a project from start to finish allowing him to expand into production, creative direction and as well as post-production. His personal style and interests easily translates to his visual identity as a photographer.
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Alex Kapustin

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About Alex Kapustin

Alex Kapustin's work is a mix of editorial and commercial imagery. Colorful and diverse, experimental, with an edge, clean and fun all around.
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Harvest Bow creates bespoke strategies for all of its clients. Having spent 6 years creating content in the beauty industry, they deliver consistent, elevated, and branded content with a social and digital focus.
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Rob Senior

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About Rob Senior

Rob Senior is a professional portrait and product photographer working around the UK and living in Edinburgh. Rob loves to shoot faces on medium format film using a Mamiya RB67 and self-scan his own work. He also specializes in footwear and drinks product photography having worked for some great clients such as New Balance and Adidas and Innis & Gunn.
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Joseph Rasch

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About Joseph Rasch

Joseph Rasch is a photographer based in Manhattan, NY. Rasch shoots fashion, lifestyle, and beauty product photography. He has worked with well-known brands including Beauty Counter, Ulta, Prada, Blvgari, and Givenchy, and more.

Product Photography Setup: What camera lens to use for product photography

More so than any other photography niche, product photographers need to accurately represent the subject. Since potential customers will use these photos to determine whether they will make a purchase, the product they receive needs to look like what they see in the photo. That’s why you should skip the wide angle lenses in favor of a standard focal length between 40mm and 58mm, so there’s no risk of misrepresenting your subject.

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Julien DOMEC

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About Julien DOMEC

Julien Domec has 15 years of experience in the field of professional photography, which allowed them to acquire different skills useful for commercial and advertising photography. Julien works in the fields of food photography, products, and mood photography. Portraiture is also an art that they also like to practice.
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Adrienne Over

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About Adrienne Over

Crown Studios is a studio ran by Adrienne Over, a commercial product photographer based out of Charlotte, N.C. Adrienne turns clients' visions into images. She specializes in creating elevated imagery for a diverse group of clients in order to increase brand awareness, customer interaction; and ultimately, sales.
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Naomi J Morris

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About Naomi J Morris

Naomi J Morris creates eye-catching images that intrigue potential customers to find out more about the products or brands she works worth. She specializes in working with business owners and creatives, who rely on her expertise to attract and engage their audience to drive more sales.
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Tobi Jenkins

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About Tobi Jenkins

Tobi specialises in high end product and still life photography as well as CGI environments for hero products. When he can, he adds to his ever-expanding book collection. He is predominantly in the commercial and editorial industries. He works predominately within the commercial and editorial sectors of the industry.
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Nell Hoving

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About Nell Hoving

Nell Hoving Photography is a female owned and operated company with over 15 years of industry experience. Nell specializes in advertising, editorial, and e-commerce photography. Nell has had the opportunity to photograph high level executives, professional athletes, and politicians, President Clinton and President Obama. Nell is passionate about student mentoring, entrepreneurship, and finding the best big chomps. She is a member of ASMP.
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deborah maxx

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About deborah maxx

Deborah Maxx is a Brazilian-American still-life photographer, specialized in luxury goods, fashion and beauty products, and interior. With a background in Arts, she spent 7 years in the US studying photography. Back in Brazil, she was soon nominated for the 39th Prêmio Abril de Jornalismo (Abril Journalism Award - 2014). In 2017 she was a finalist at the "Visual Arts Press Awards 2017" in the US, and received the Premio Ñh17 - Lo Mejor del Diseño Periodístico, in Spain.

Proper lighting for your product photoshoot ideas

When lighting your product photography, you can choose to use either artificial or natural lighting, depending on your product and concept. If you go with natural light, position your product facing a window or do your shoot outside on an overcast day to prevent overly harsh shadows or glare from the sun. For artificial lighting, use two light sources and a diffuser to create a soft, consistent lighting effect.

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Makito Inomata

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About Makito Inomata

Makito is a commercial photographer based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. He attended Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and later went on to assist both local and international photographers before honing his lighting skills under the tutelage of photographer Clinton Hussey. Makito's work has achieved awards by Communication Arts and Graphis.
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Eva Roovers

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About Eva Roovers

Eva Roovers is an artist specialized in luxury product photography working for international fashion brands and magazines. Trough a carefully selected color pallet and with a delicate eye for textures and surfaces, she creates playful but refined images. In a bold colorful style, she combines the impossible, turning every day in poetics and matching contrasting elements in perfect harmony. Making use of mirrors, balance and colored lighting, all effects are created in the studio.
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Alice Angelini

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About Alice Angelini

Alice Angelini is an Italian freelance photographer based in Amsterdam, where she currently studies Linguistics. Alice's photographs mostly focus on the tiny details that are taken for granted. Through the use of textures and colors, Alice's compositions aim to confront the viewer with the overlooked beauty of everyday objects. Her creative process is deeply affected (and almost completely driven) by music and nature, the two main pillars of her inspiration.
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Peter Oakley

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About Peter Oakley

Pete Oakley is a commercial still life photographer with a minimalistic and geometric aesthetic.
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Rosanna Jones

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About Rosanna Jones

Rosanna Jones is a portrait and fashion photographer specialising in experimental mixed media. Her process rarely ends with the initial exposure, as she creates tactile pieces that have been painted, collaged, destroyed or totally reconstructed through physical manipulation.
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