Product Photography Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

Here are examples, tips and tricks of product photography portfolios that can inspire you to start your own product portfolio.

June 18, 2021
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Guillem Lopez

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Rob Senior

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Joseph Rasch

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Julien DOMEC

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Product Photography Setup: What camera lens to use for product photography

More so than any other photography niche, product photographers need to accurately represent the subject. Since potential customers will use these photos to determine whether they will make a purchase, the product they receive needs to look like what they see in the photo. That’s why you should skip the wide angle lenses in favor of a standard focal length between 40mm and 58mm, so there’s no risk of misrepresenting your subject.

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Adrienne Over

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Nell Hoving

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Makito Inomata

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Alice Angelini

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Dylan Osborne

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Julie Saulue

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Proper lighting for your product photoshoot ideas

When lighting your product photography, you can choose to use either artificial or natural lighting, depending on your product and concept. If you go with natural light, position your product facing a window or do your shoot outside on an overcast day to prevent overly harsh shadows or glare from the sun. For artificial lighting, use two light sources and a diffuser to create a soft, consistent lighting effect.

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Rosanna Jones

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Creative Product Photography Ideas: Have Fun

Have fun and get creative by introducing complementary props to create a flatlay or still life composition. This will help to bring the product to life and add context which can make it appear more desirable than if it were simply placed in front of a blank wall. You can even introduce a reflective surface, a textured backdrop, or colorful lighting to enhance the mood.

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