Art portfolio website examples.

Grace Blair

“Grace Blair is a painter who specializes in pastel-toned paintings from life; portraits, figures, objects, and interior landscape. Her work depicts objects, interior landscapes, the nude figure, and the combination of all three. The main subject of her work is the social constructions of gender, feminity, and sexuality. ”

Template: Kiln

Jasmin Amoako

“Born in Ghana, Jasmin-Nicole is a Canadian emerging visual artist. A graduate of OCAD University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the Drawing and Painting program, Jasmin's practice focuses on a contemporary representation of the lives of Black women. She engages with figurative art, abstraction, and sacred West African braiding practices to connect the human body to nature.”

Template: Slate

Natalia Mendez

“Natalia Mendez's work exclusively depicts her friends and family. She explores the emotional and physical ideas of relationships. Mendez believes when painting, the artist’s subconscious mind inadvertently reflects onto what he or she is creating. As an empath, she can describe people with a certain amount of attention allowing an intimate and personal take on the figures she represents. The quantity of time she uses to focus on portraying an image allows for specificity. ”

Template: Ora

Rose McBurney

“Rose McBurney is a figurative painter living and working in New Orleans. She takes inspiration from home movies, the collective unconscious, friends, family, and her own inner eye. As a primarily self-taught artist, it is through McBurney’s organization and tenacity that she has maintained a steadfast commitment to a regular studio practice since 2011. ”

Template: Foray

Katherine Bencosme

“Katherine Bencosme is a Dominican American artist born, raised, and based in New York City. Katherine focuses on their personal experiences of the world while also investigating how the environment around them has sculpted their perspective. Major themes explored include immigration and cultural exchange through the lens of labor, community, and family; finding identity while dealing with religion and tradition; navigating through the personal exploration of gender and sex in these environments.”

Template: Horizon Left


“A young creative artist, Nicholas was born on a barrier island in southeast North Carolina. Painting and drawing is Nicholas' way to communicate and it has always been part of his life. His creations of dragons, reptiles, and mythical creatures give a glimpse of his inner universe.”

Template: Horizon Left

Lionel Lofton

“Lionel Lofton is an abstract painter and collagist. Lionel's work helps you document everyday living experiences from work to play, from life to death, and from sadness to happiness. Lionel's work takes people through a journey about life as an ever-evolving experience, full of new insights every day.”

Template: Offset

Kyra Nijskens

“Kyra Nijskens’ vivid work wavers between a devotion for painterly processes and a conceptual analysis of the painting. Investigating the interplay between traditional techniques and the uncontrolled image-making machine of the digital era, she started to reconsider the painting as a transparent screen. By layering individual sheets of film acetate, allowing for infinite new combinations, she researches the changeability and temporality of an image while destabilizing the painting's permanence.”

Template: Horizon Left

Laurent Bécot Ruiz

“Laurent Bécot Ruiz is a painter based in Paris. Prior to painting, Laurent was also a photographer for more than ten years. Laurent takes time to make colors, create mixtures and textures, and apply lines one by one on a large white canvas. ”

Template: Obsidian

Kim, Esther Doyeon

“Esther Doyeon Kim is a South Korean Canadian artist currently based in Toronto. Esther's works scrutinize the idea of gratitude on mundanity, delivering a sense of picturesque happiness—a celebration of a tedious moment. Esther explores simplicity, flat forms, and animated colors to create expressive, whimsical, and joyous moments.”

Template: Foray

Updated on July 22, 2021 | By Steph Davidson

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