Art portfolio website examples.

Mitchelle Tamariz

“Mitchelle Tamariz is an animation director from Cancun, México. She graduated from la Poudrière animation film school in Valence, France where she directed "Noche", "Vous avez-vous mes jambes?" which was broadcast on the French TV channel Gulli and “When we leave,” a short film which highlights the current struggles immigrant families face when forced to leave their home country. ”

Theme: Order

Kama Rosinska

“Kama Rosinska, born 1976, Lublin. Graduated from Academies of Fine Arts in Gdansk and Poznan, Poland (MFA in Photography, 2006). Among others, she presented her works at Dakar Biennale OFF, Senegal, X Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art, Young Art summer exhibitions at historic Galeria Pod Baranami, or Fotogen Gallery, Wrocław. In 2016 awarded The President of the Jury's Honorary Mention at International Contest of Digital Photo-Creation CYBERFOTO, Czestochowa, Poland for her cycle“Dancer”.”

Theme: Obsidian

T. Sydney Bergeron Mikus

“T. Sydney Bergeron Mikus is an award-winning cultural worker based in New York City. They create work driven by healing activism, art and narrative as tools for change, and self-care as disruption. Sydney has written or provided interviews for i-D, PAPER, NYLON, and more, and contributed to Teen Vogue, them., Planned Parenthood of NYC, and Beauty Bakerie.”

Theme: Sun

De Vil

“De Vil is a British artist. He produces digital art with a devilish sense of humour. Taking well known images he edits and adds to produce surprising and evocative work. He created his first piece of art in early 2018 titled 'Banana Gun', as a present for his father's birthday. De Vil is inspired by street art and the modern world. The name De Vil is his wife's surname and he uses it as a credit to her for giving him the courage and support to follow his dreams and become an artist. ”

Theme: Kiln

Sarah Francis Hollis

“Hollis works with many different mediums, including found objects, office supplies, typewriters, gouache, pen & ink and woodworking. She is an avid diaristic writer and collagist. She is best known for sculpturally combining guttural, autobiographic prose and imagery with office supplies in an effort to catalogue specific memories and moments in time. Her latest works are collages that focus on dystopian, sentimental landscapes.”

Theme: Peak

Marjorie Wade

“Marjorie Wade is a studio potter from Afton, Minnesota. She creates pottery for everyday use and embraces simplicity in each piece. Her work is inspired and influenced by the pottery and artifacts from primitive cultures. The nuances in the patterns and textures found in objects from these cultures are essential to Marjorie’s work. She is also influenced by the Japanese folk tradition of Mingei, which honors the simple beauty in everyday objects made for daily use.”

Theme: Horizon

James Reeder

“James Reeder lives and works in Brooklyn. He earned a degree from Pacific Union College in CA. He’s been included in many exhibitions in New York and beyond. Recent exhibitions include Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, New York; Space 22 Gallery, Seoul; 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo; Galerie Binome, Paris; and Mixed Greens, New York. Solo exhibitions include Lesley Heller Workspace, New York and A.M. Richard Fine Art, Brooklyn. Reeder was director and curator at Silver Projects photography space in Brooklyn.”

Theme: Offset

Eden Knutilla

“Eden Knutilla is a non-binary, Oakland-based artist who creates small contemplative sculptures and claymation films based around beach and street litter. Their work investigates intersections of trash, queerness, spirituality and consumer culture. They see working with trash as an opportunity to re-frame our responsibility to our objects and each other, and to create narratives that inspire different ways of considering what we might have seen as disposable.”

Theme: Peak

Sonia Haberstich

“Sonia Haberstich was born in Quebec City in 1960. She obtained a BFA in Studio Arts in 2004 and an MFA in Painting from Concordia University in 2008. She presented her work in numerous solo exhibitions nationally and internationally, she also took part in many group shows in Quebec and around the world. She has received many grants and produced many public works. She is very active in her community with teaching and cultural mediation. Articles and publications around her work abound.”

Theme: Monocle

Stella Morais

“Renowned Photographer and Art director with 10+ years of experience, Stella works in a variety of sub-sectors within the creative industry. She is a Brazilian visual artist based in London and available upon request Internationally. Her collaborations include some of the leading global fashion brands and magazines such as Wonderland Magazine, Hunger Magazine, Chanel and Bimba Y Lola.”

Theme: Coral

Updated on August 13, 2019 | By Steph Davidson

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