Art portfolio website examples.

YoYo Lander

“YoYo Lander is a visual artist living and working in Los Angeles, CA. Her visions emanate from all that surrounds her while at home and abroad. YoYo’s work explores unconventional color palettes, bold color contrasts, and vulnerability. Her subjects are comprised of an arrangement of brown color harmonies, placed on backgrounds of both subtle and loud color blocks. YoYo creates her interpretations using personal photographs and stories from indigenous women as her inspiration. ”

Template: Industry

Ya Hsin Hsiao

“Ya Hsin Hsiao is a Taiwan-based painter and artist who is fascinated by the layers, composition, and arrangement of colors exercised in paintings. Ya Hsin Hsiao believes that the content of a painting resides in personal memories. Ya Hsin Hsiao's work has been exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea.”

Template: Monocle

Victoria Novak

“Victoria Novak began her artistic career as an interior designer in Russia. After moving to Italy she received a Masters's Degree from Domus Academy and started working in an international architectural studio Fuksas in Rome. A move to Rome inspired Victoria to devote herself to painting. Victoria’s work has been featured in several international artist magazines and included in numerous juried exhibitions. ”

Template: Amazon

Andy Cherewick

“Born in Detroit, Michigan, Andy Cherewick has been painting for almost thirty years. Currently living and working in Athens, Georgia, Andy creates beautiful acrylic paintings. ”

Template: Offset


“David A. Kurtz is an artist and designer based in California. David's portfolio is the perfect place for a great conversation piece with his creations of weird abstract paintings and drawings. Each piece of David's work is entirely improvised, inspired by current events, music, and the written word.”

Template: Coral

Diana Oliphant

“Diana is a model and actress that has been published as a makeup artist, wardrobe, and hairstylist. Diana has shot for magazine publications, commercials, and a number of different brands. ”

Template: Post

Pia Antonsen Rognes

“Pia Antonsen Rognes is a visual artist based in Trondheim, Norway. She received her MA in Fine Arts from the Iceland Academy of Arts. Her sculptural work is visually stimulating, exploring anthropomorphic designs in her quest to investigate destructive behavior.”

Template: Panorama

miles cleveland goodwin

“Miles Cleveland Goodwin is a Mississippi-born, Georgia-based artist. He received his BFA in Painting and Printmaking at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR. Miles’ work includes both painting and sculpture and has been featured in various exhibitions across the US.”

Template: Amazon

ines khadraoui

“Ines Khadraoui developed her taste for abstract art by the way of applied arts and more particularly of graphic design at Creapole Design School in Paris. Ines Khadraoui produces experimental work that calls into question our reason for being and relationship with humanity. She believes that her act of painting is at the core of her dialogue, helping her be grounded in the present moment.”

Template: Foray

Fernando Jaramillo

“Fernando Jaramillo is a painter from Santa Marta, Columbia. His paintings are composed using abstract imagery and colorful shapes, lines and textures. His work has been featured in a long list of exhibitions worldwide. In his work, Fernando is interested in exploring the interconnection processes between science and art, by building micro-macro landscapes of biomorphic abstractions. ”

Template: Albers

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