Design portfolio website examples.

Alexis Walsh

“Alexis Walsh is a designer and artist based in New York City. Through the exploration of emerging technologies including 3D printing and digital computational modeling, integrated with traditional handcraft, Alexis utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to push the boundaries of fashion design. Alexis's work has been exhibited in New York, Boston, Paris, London, Moscow, Madrid, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Berlin.”

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Linsey Myriam Bain

“Linsey Myriam Bain is a design director who specializes in accessories, handbags, and leather goods. With over 10 years of experience in product development, trend forecasting, and sampling, she has built collections for Kendall‭ ‬&‭ ‬Kylie‭, ‬ALDO‭, ‬Mackage‭, ‬RUDSAK, and Nicole Richie‭. With a background in studying arts and culture prior to fashion design, this designer is detail-oriented, thorough, and innovative.”

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“With his own unique aesthetic and impressive body of work, Simon Peters founded “House of Namaste” back in 2009. Based in the U.K., nothing is off-limits at House of Namaste. The designers signature approach for experimental architectural shapes are abstracted against a techno-glamour sexuality with bold splashes of colour and texture that come to the fore. ”

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Floriane LAVRUT

“Floriane Lavrut is a French freelance designer based in Paris. She works in the fields of Fashion Design (styling, trends, etc.) and Textile Design (pattern, embroidery, etc.). In addition, she works with Illustration, including graphic design and visual identity. She believes form and function should work together in a thoughtful and sociological approach, encouraging self-expression and creativity.”

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“Graduating from London College of Fashion, Linxi Zhu is a Womenswear knitwear designer based in China and London. During the time when she was pursuing her BA Fashion Textiles Knit in London College of Fashion, Linxi always challenges the traditional ways of knitting and establishes a new perception of how knitted textiles can be created through the combination of unconventional materials with yarns.”

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Louise Desoeuvre

“Louise Desoeuvre is a French Fashion Designer. With a passion for storytelling and archives, she aims to create meaningful and powerful designs. Louise studied her BA in Fashion Design at Bath Spa University. She had always been focused on how cultural heritage can be preserved and endlessly reinterpreted. Passionate about the meaning of dress in relation to culture, her research is grounded in sociology, fashion, anthropology, folklore and history. ”

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Motti Hollander

“Motti® is a graphic designer and creative director based in Brooklyn, New York. Primarily working in the music industry, he has worked with clients across a range of genres - including Grammy-winners, worldwide touring artists, and major record labels. ”

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Milena Silvia

“Milena Silvia is a brand and packaging designer currently living on the beautiful Island of the Atlantic Ocean, Lanzarote. She designs and collaborates with brands from different fields creating modern vibrant and elegant designs since 2016 and emphasizes working with eco-friendly brands that reflect her values. Creativity and intuition help Milena a lot to craft modern and vibrant designs, but the key ingredient is communication she has with her clients. ”

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Mike Cangi

“Mike & Katie Cangi are the husband-wife team behind Stay The Nite, a boutique accommodation brand with locations in Philadelphia, PA and Wildwood, NJ. They focus on the adaptive reuse of historically significant 19th century properties, turning them modern, hotel-quality accommodations. Their properties are not just historic on the outside either. The interior design of all Stay The Nite properties stay true to the original character of the homes, making for an unrivaled guest experience.”

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Paolo Pessot

“Paolo Pessot, is an Italian digital artist born in 1994 in Treviso. He grew with a constant passion for visual arts and always drawing. He studied Graphic Design in high school and graduated in June 2014.He concludes his education in May 2016 with a degree in movie directing and movie script at the National Academy of Cinema in Bologna.”

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