Design portfolio website examples.

Taylor Russo

“Taylor Russo is a Kansas City-based graphic designer, with experience designing for a variety of different mediums — including print, digital, commercial design, and branding. Taylor has worked for marketing agencies across the Kansas City area, as well as clients located across North America. ”

Template: Sierra

ANGLE visual integration

“ANGLE visual integration was founded in 2010 in Taiwan. They are a multi-disciplinary graphic design studio, whose work covers brand identity and development. They have also received many awards and recognitions — including the Good Design Award, the Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award, and best of the best — the DFA Design for Asia Award, Golden Bee.”

Template: Spruce

Cocolena Fong

“Cocolena Fong is a student based at OCAD University. She is also currently a graphic designer and photographer. Right now, she is hoping to gain more experience within the design and photography industry.”

Template: Horizon Left

Sarah Scott

“Sarah Scott specializes in dynamic graphics, illustrations, and thing-making. She loves design in every form and is always looking to learn and grow her skills. Her passion is creating beautiful things, which is why she’d love to help your ideas come to life. ”

Template: Sierra

Sean Rodwell

“Walt is the graphic design arm of Aeriform, founded by Sean Rodwell. This graphic design division is packed with t-shirt designs, product designs, packaging, and more. From music festival t-shirt to company collaboration, Walt creates designs for a variety of clients that are used across different products. ”

Template: Obsidian

Sara Saedi

“Sara Saedi is a Los Angeles-born and raised illustrator who now practices graphic design. She loves color, simplified shapes, and subtle textures. Sara’s expertise includes branding, packaging design, digital illustration, print design, infographics, and more.”

Template: Horizon

Moritz Esch

“Moritz Esch is a graphic designer based in Germany, where he studied Media Design from 2015 to 2019. He currently works as a freelance designer, with a focus on contemporary communication design.”

Template: Horizon Left

Alice Picard

“Alice Picard is a graphic designer, illustrator, and visual artist. She completed a degree in graphic design in Montreal (UQAM) after doing a semester in Strasbourg (HEAR). Her rather eclectic approach is characterized by the versatility and the experimental side of her graphic approaches. Alice’s work usually flirts with the hybrid of several techniques, to infuse meaning into each project. She is based in Montreal and likes the color yellow a little bit too much.”

Template: Kiln

Jithin Pulinthanam John

“Jithin Pulinthanam John says it took many trials and errors to arrive at what he is passionate about: being a graphic designer and visualizer. He hasn't had to look back since. Jithin says he has done some of his best designs by himself, listening to his favorite songs. However, having started in this field as a freelancer, he sees value in the learning and growth that comes from sharing ideas and collaborating with a team. He is always on the lookout for a new challenge.”

Template: Peak

izzy spitz

“Izzy Spitz started her studio to draw in a clientele of customers who care about slow design. She provides everything, from branding design to commissioned illustrated pieces.”

Template: Beacon

Updated on June 4, 2021 | By Steph Davidson

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How to create a design portfolio website.

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  5. Personalize your design. Make it yours and change options like the template preset, fonts, and colors.
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