Design portfolio website examples.

Shih-Ting Tseng

“Shih-Ting Tseng is a graphic designer who received her Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design at OCAD University in Toronto, ON. She is well-practiced in typography, packaging, branding, and motion graphics. She is passionate about designing and is open to share and discuss her creative ideas.”

Template: Order

Ana Christie Elías

“Ana Christie Elías is a graphic designer and art director from Lima, Peru. She likes to draw sometimes on paper, sometimes on objects, and other times digitally. In her portfolio, you can find different work she has done during her career so far. She enjoys working on branding, packaging, editorial, illustration, and art direction.”

Template: Sierra

Sarah North

“Sarah North graduated from Nossi College of Art in Nashville, TN in 2017, where she obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design. However, she claims she has always been part of the artsy world. Sarah enjoys “clean, yet fun design styles with vibrant colors intertwined”, claiming that “it kind of reflects who I am as a person, too.” ”

Template: Peak

Kyle Poff

“Kyle Poff specializes in creating brand identities, packaging, brand strategy, illustration, and hand lettering. He says that almost every single job he receives is from a referral from someone else he’s done business with or from his graphic design portfolio — which is great, because it means he’s never had to scout for work! Right now, he is constantly trying to diversify his work with different styles because he “can't concentrate on one thing for too long.””

Template: Sierra


“Tino is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Berlin, Germany. He loves to create portraits of people in his own style and create “cool editorial designs”. Tino’s work involves simplifying complex themes, with a “less is more” approach. He encourages you to have fun and consume his stuff.”

Template: Amazon

Peter Hershey

“Peter Hershey builds brands and tells stories — primarily using design and photography. He likes his work to be as simple and clean as possible, with an emphasis on people.”

Template: Mica

Aisling Mc Elvaney

“Aisling McElvaney is a graphic designer based in Dublin, Ireland. In 2016, she graduated from the National College of Art and Design with a 2.1 in History of Art and Design & Visual Communication. She is currently employed as a graphic designer at DIT Students’ Union. Currently, she is interested in the possibilities and creative ideas she can bring to campaigns. She has also recently started a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing.”

Template: Mica

Jesselyn Nathania

“Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, Jesselyn Nathania graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from the Raffles Design Institute in Singapore in 2015. Her work mainly focuses on illustration and lettering. In her spare time, Jesselyn is fond of watching horror films, traveling, photography, and her “overweight” pet corgi named Barney.”

Template: Grace

Stuart Chapman

“Stuart (Stu) Chapman is an award-winning designer and visual storyteller who specializes in graphic design, creative branding, art direction, project curation, photography, video, and more across a wide range of mediums. Stu is highly passionate about connecting with “like-minded humans” and puts community and purpose at the forefront of his work.”

Template: Order

Jeoffrey Cheung

“Jeoffrey Cheung is a graphic designer and photographer living in Las Vegas. Fully self-taught, he has always pushed himself to learn various mediums of programs and art. Currently, he works for a creative agency called Artisans On Fire — which he says has validated his ability to learn and compete in the industry. He seeks to inspire people that a career in design is not limited by lack of a degree, but more so possible if you believe hard enough and put in the work.”

Template: Peak

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