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Emma Zilber

“Emma Zilber is a food and product photographer for brands redefining the food industry and uses business as a force for good. Her goal is to create images that promote conscious thinking about the impact of food and inspire action for world-bettering brands.”

Template: Peak


“Lenka had thought about opening a restaurant after receiving several marriage proposals from people tasting her culinary creations. Food is always on her mind and in her heart. If you know her, you've likely tried something she's made. That's how she shows her love and care. She knew she needed hands-on creativity in her life, not exploiting herself for others in a restaurant cooking the same stuff. Food photography lets Lenka live her passion for healthy food and sharing stories around a table.”

Template: Peak

Linda Schneider

“Linda is a food blogger and photographer who blogs at Wild Greens and Sardines. She is inspired by trips to the Mediterranean and cooking with local, seasonal ingredients.”

Template: Panorama

Mary Devinat

“Mary Devinat was born in Paris, France. She grew up in a family environment passionate about art and cooking. Mary is a commercial photographer and stylist specialized in food, beverage, restaurant, travel and product-based in Pennsylvania.”

Template: Peak

Marc Haydon

“With a love of photography from an early age, the subject was never the focus for Marc Haydon. It's always been about composition, light, colour, and shapes and to create something beautiful through the lens. Thats why throughout Marc's career he have drifted between different subjects, from landscapes to music and portraiture, to fashion and still life and then finally to food where he finally found my feet working with beautiful props and delicate food styling to create mouth-watering images. ”

Template: Horizon

Sara Ali

“Sara Ali is a NYC based food photographer and stylist that specializes in natural light food photography. When she's not creating food photography for her clients she is cooking up meal ideas over on the Dieteticaesthetic blog.”

Template: Amazon

Libby Bloom

“Libby Bloom is a Colorado-based food photographer and dietitian who loves working with companies who focus on reducing waste, sustainability and nourishing the community. Libby is passionate about capturing the beauty of the imperfect, through simple composition and vibrant colors. When not making a mess in the kitchen, Libby can be found exploring the mountains of Colorado with her husband. ”

Template: Amazon

Jackie Alpers

“Jackie Alpers is an award winning editorial and advertising food photographer based in Tucson, Arizona. Clients include The Food Network, Refinery29, The Kitchn, Taste Cooking, Glamour & Edible. ”

Template: Mica

Neal Santos

“Neal is an editorial and commercial photographer based in Philadelphia, PA and is available for work. When not making photographs, he's tending to his glorified urban homestead, Farm 51, with his husband in Southwest Philadelphia, complete with four dogs, three cats, twenty-some-odd chickens and thousands upon thousands of bees. Or punching and kicking while doing Muay Thai training.”

Template: Peak

Radhika Penagonda

“With almost a decade long career in the Financial Software industry behind her, love for food photography began in Houston, TX when she started her vegetarian food blog. With a keen eye for colors, composition and style, now as a food stylist and photographer, Radhika is passionate about capturing the beauty of ingredients, making everyday food look brilliant, weaving visual food stories or just chasing that perfect light. Natural light is her thing. Radhika is based in Bengaluru, India.”

Template: Panorama

Updated on August 9, 2019 | By Steph Davidson

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