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Abhishek Debnath

“Abhishek Debnath may be an IT Director by profession, but food photography is his passion. His captivating images capture vivid colors, rich textures and natural freshness of recipes from various worldwide cuisines.”

Template: Mica

Alessandra Gutierrez

“Alessandra Gutierrez is a photographer and graphic designer based in Miami, FL. Creating delicious food photography, she believes photos have the power to “convey flavor and ignite a deep connection between a viewer and a specific dish”.”

Template: Slate

Michelle Boulé

“Michelle Boulé is a Boston based food and product photographer. She is a graduate of the Cinema and Photography program at Ithaca College. Michelle has worked in the product and food space for the past 10 years in New York, San Francisco and Boston.”

Template: Peak

Larisa Niedle

“Larisa Niedle creates drool-worthy food and drink images. She grew up in New York City and currently bases her work around her hometown, as well as the New Jersey area. Growing up in NYC exposed Larisa to various different foods from all over the world. She claims that her love for food became even stronger when she pursued her PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, where creating beautiful and delicious dishes became her escape from the pressures of grad school.”

Template: Peak


“Kulsum Kunwa is an acclaimed food and lifestyle photographer. Based in Kuwait, her work has appeared in various cookbooks, magazines, and websites — both locally and internationally. Kunwa uses her unique aesthetics and abilities to create quality images, bringing together texture, light, and mood. In her spare time, she writes in her popular blog Journey Kitchen, which has also been the subject of worldwide recognition.”

Template: Amazon

Elise Humphrey

“Elise Humphrey is a London-based food photographer specializing in producing imagery for editorial, lifestyle, commercial, and travel photography. She has over ten years of experience. ”

Template: Panorama

Gilbert Yap

“Gilbert Yap is a part-time Boston and Cambridge-based food and restaurant photographer who focuses on highlighting the delectable food of small or upcoming businesses, especially those run by underrepresented minorities. His favorite style of food photography lighting is the hard-light style that evokes a sunset meal at your favorite restaurant's window seat - inspired by the photography work of The New Yorker and Bon Appetit. ”

Template: Peak

Hidekazu Makiyama

“Based in Toyama City, Japan, Hidekazu Makiyama is a home appliance engineer by day and a freelance food content creator the rest of the time. Having photographed food for 30 years, he likes dishes that showcase the goodness of seasons and ingredients. His projects include photography for food recipes, sales promotion media and key visual photography for websites.”

Template: Peak

Amelia Johnson

“Amelia Johnson is an international food photographer who has photographed for clients all over the world. She still can’t quite believe that people pay her to hang out on set, get her hands dirty and get creative with them.”

Template: Panorama

John Cizmas

“John Cizmas is a photographer based in Los Angeles. John specializes in location food and drinks photography. With over 15 years of experience, he has collaborated with different creatives, chefs, makers, mixologists, and artists. ”

Template: Slate

Updated on June 18, 2021 | By Steph Davidson

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How to create a food photography portfolio website.

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