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Talia Dinwiddie

“Named for her grandmother's street, where her love of color and craft began, Talia Manrique Dinwiddie is the photographer behind Maryvine Street. Based in Los Angeles, and educated at California State University of Long Beach, she has been learning and working in the field since 2008. Currently shooting for Café Gratitude and Gracias Madre.”

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“Edalin has been a freelance photographer for 3 years and has worked with many stock agencies from all over the world. Photography is Edalin's passion and they have a keen eye for detail and the unusual. Their ideal job is working with their favorite subject, which is food. In addition to food photography, Edalin also enjoys shooting still life, travel, and beautiful nature scenes.”

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Scott Fine

“Scott Fine has been a photographer for over thirty years. His devotion and eye for detail enables him to capture a creative edge to his work. Studied at RIT in the ‘70s he has seen the evolution of the photographic process. Now deeply entrenched in the digital world he is creating imagery that explores the world around him.”

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Katie Chase

“Katie Chase is a professional food photographer located in New England. Her love of lobsters, bright, rustic, and family dinner vibes come together for an endearing portfolio of commercial work. Katie is available for hire in home and on location for food photography, recipe development, and restaurant photography. ”

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Riccardo Alessio

“Riccardo grows in the world of food thanks to important collaborations with multinationals, young entrepreneurs, pastry chefs, and star chefs. The continuous search for a modern and personal aesthetic, as well as the great desire for growth, made sure that his ideas evolved quickly. Always ready for new challenges and new collaborations, he started this new year with a great project: the foundation of "Stood", his new photography studio, and brand development dedicated to the world of food.”

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Emma Zilber

“Emma Zilber is a food and product photographer for brands redefining the food industry and uses business as a force for good. Her goal is to create images that promote conscious thinking about the impact of food and inspire action for world-bettering brands.”

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“Lenka had thought about opening a restaurant after receiving several marriage proposals from people tasting her culinary creations. Food is always on her mind and in her heart. If you know her, you've likely tried something she's made. That's how she shows her love and care. She knew she needed hands-on creativity in her life, not exploiting herself for others in a restaurant cooking the same stuff. Food photography lets Lenka live her passion for healthy food and sharing stories around a table.”

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Linda Schneider

“Linda is a food blogger and photographer who blogs at Wild Greens and Sardines. She is inspired by trips to the Mediterranean and cooking with local, seasonal ingredients.”

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Mary Devinat

“Mary Devinat was born in Paris, France. She grew up in a family environment passionate about art and cooking. Mary is a commercial photographer and stylist specialized in food, beverage, restaurant, travel and product-based in Pennsylvania.”

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Joseph O'Toole

“Sydney, soon to be Manchester-based photographer with a passion for creating interesting and engaging images. Through travelling and living overseas, capturing significant moments in his life drove Joseph O'Toole interest and passion for photography. The endless opportunities to meet new people, share ideas and collaborate with others is what he continues to enjoy most about this career.”

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Updated on April 2, 2020 | By Steph Davidson

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Attract clients with a food photography portfolio that highlights exactly who you are as a food photographer. Creating your own online food photography portfolio is easy and intuitive with a dedicated food photography portfolio website builder. Choose a website builder like Format that comes with blogging, SEO, social media tools, and an online store so you have everything you need to display your work brilliantly and grow your business. We’ve rounded up six simple tips to keep in mind when building your portfolio website.

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