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The 12 Best Website Templates for Photographers

Overwhelmed with all the photography web templates out there? Check out the best photography themes available from Format, and start building your dream site!

Are you on the lookout for the best website templates for photographers? When you’re just starting to plan out your portfolio website, all of the cool photography themes out there can be a little overwhelming. There are so many photography web templates to choose from that it can be tough to zero in on the one that meets your specific needs.

You definitely want to do your photos justice by displaying them with the best theme possible, so to help you get you started on building the best photography website ever, we’ve pulled together a list of some of Format’s best professional photography website templates. There’s a theme here for every type of photographer, so read on and find the 12 best photography themes for your business!

1. For the Instagram-First Photographer: Order

There are lots of photography portfolio themes with a grid layout, but what makes the Order theme special is that the homepage grid is laid out in squares, a la the popular photo-sharing app we all know and love. This is a very visually appealing layout for visitors, no matter what kind of photography you do, but it’s especially handy if the work you create for your customers is primarily intended for Instagram use.

For example, if you’re a product photographer and most of your clients use your images on social media, visiting your website gives them an instant impression of how your work looks in an Instagram layout. It’s fully responsive and features a clean, intuitive interface, so you won’t need to search for an HTML photo grid template if you’re using Order.

To try Order, click here.

2. For the Art Photographer: Fabric

If you’re an art photographer, you’ve probably checked out photo album website templates that allow you to show your work in an album format, creating a sense of cohesion for each project on your site. With its focus on galleries, Fabric is a stunning portfolio template for art photographers. Think of it as a photography exhibition theme. You can set your favorite gallery to the homepage of your website, and then create other galleries in the menu.

This photo slideshow website template guides your visitors to click through your homepage gallery as soon as they land on the site, creating a really unique stacked image effect as they go. The disappearing menu feature of this professional photography website template means that all the attention is on your awesome photographs, until your visitor is ready to navigate to other pages such as client proofing galleries, your online store (make sure you put some art prints up for sale: it’s a great way to make extra money as an art photographer!), and your about page.

To try Fabric, click here.

3. For the Wedding Photographer: Sun

Sun features gorgeous, fullscreen images that are sure to wow your clients. If you’re looking for a wedding photography template, what better way to attract more clients to your wedding photography business (or any photography business, for that matter!) than to show off your best work in a beautiful fullscreen slideshow on the homepage of your site? If you’re sick of scrolling endlessly through Themeforest photography templates or photography website templates on Dreamweaver, Sun could be the perfect wedding photography website template for you!

Truly one of the best photography website themes, Sun also incorporates a really unique menu design along the bottom of the theme, which is both easy to navigate and unobtrusive. With the built-in presets, you can easily choose a more subtle or more prominent menu design to tailor this wedding photography theme to fit the look you’re going for.

Your clients are never more than one click away from your client proofing galleries, where you can upload watermarked or low-res images from your shoot and have them offer feedback and make comments right from your website. Give this template a try—it could be the perfect fit for your business. It’s a beautiful, responsive, unique alternative to the more played-out free photography website templates like the core photography themes, PhotoShelter templates, and ProPhoto blog templates you may have come across in your search.

You’ll also want to make sure you create a pricing page for your wedding photography website. If you want to book clients, adding a price page is essential. Lucky for you, it’s super-easy to add custom pages in Format themes like Sun.

To try Sun, click here.

4. For the Landscape Photographer: Panorama

As the name suggests, Panorama is an excellent photography website template for photographers who want to showcase landscapes or panoramas on their website. This theme features a horizontal scrolling gallery right on the home page, making it easy to see a whole series of work at a glance. It’s a stunning option for travel photographers or anyone else shooting landscapes.

If you’ve been looking for nature photography themes, Panorama could be the perfect option for you! Wide images look particularly good in this template, so no matter what field you’re in, if you tend to shoot in landscape, you’ll definitely want to test out Panorama. The best part? You can try it (and any other Format theme!) totally free, so this is your change to take a few themes for a test ride and see which photo theme ends up working best with your portfolio.

To try Panorama, click here.

5.For an Amazing Mobile Experience: Amazon

All of the responsive photography themes you’re reading about here offer fully responsive design, so that you don’t have to worry about how your site will look on different browsers and mobile devices. But Amazon, a grid layout theme with fullscreen image display, truly shines on mobile.

The masonry-style professional photography website template looks great across devices and enables you to add as many images as you like to the homepage, since the UX design encourages visitors to keep scrolling until they reach the bottom. This blog-style home page is a great way to make sure your website visitors see as much of your work as you like, since they don’t have to click through a bunch of galleries to get there (although you can, of course, create galleries in Amazon, too). If you’re looking for a responsive photo gallery template in HTML5 that people are sure to notice, look no further than Amazon.

To try Amazon, click here.

6. For the Travel Photographer: Mica

If you’ve been looking through photojournalism themes trying to find one that will allow you to seamlessly share both images and text, Mica allows you to do just that.

An awesome option for travel photographers who might want to add copy to create immersive storytelling experiences, or photojournalists who want to add context to their images, Mica makes it simple to incorporate text blocks right into your homepage gallery, making it an amazing photo journal template.

Another great way to incorporate storytelling into your website is to add a blog. Make sure to look for a photography site template with a built-in blog, like Mica, which allows you to supplement your galleries with content that your visitors can read to better understand your brand and business.

To try Mica, click here.

7. For the Portrait Photographer: Post

Post, a brand-new HTML5 photo template from Format, is a beautiful grid-style photography catalog template that is perfect for portrait photographers, including family photographers and anyone else who shoots primarily in portrait mode. It would make a great baby photography theme! The photo website template features a grid of nine portrait tiles right on the homepage.

If you’ve looked for clean, fresh hemes in the past, you’re going to love the bold but uncluttered design of this portrait photography theme. Another great feature of this template? The easy-to-navigate sticky header that makes it super-easy for your visitors to access other galleries, including client proofing galleries, as well as any other pages you create.

When checking out themes, it’s a good idea to choose a website builder that makes it easy for you to quickly create new pages, so that you can customize the content of your site to match your needs. One thing that every photography website should have is an about page. Look for a good photographer About Me template, or check out our complete step-by-step guide to writing the perfect About Me page.

To try Post, click here.

8. For the Indecisive Photographer: Industry

Industry is one of the best photography templates out there if you want to make a bold statement with a large homepage image. A cool feature of this theme is the super-engaging parallax scroll effect of the homepage image, which allows you to add a number of homepage images that your visitors can scroll through if you can’t choose just one (if you’re having real trouble choosing portfolio images, we’ve got you covered with this guide).

This theme incorporates the same scrolling effect into the galleries. It really lets you make the most of your photography by filling the screen with your images. It’s also a great digital template for photographers because of the super-navigable sticky header. Industry is definitely a top theme worth testing out!

To try Industry, click here.

9. For the Gallerist: Monocle

If you’ve been looking for themes that offer a gallery-type user experience, you’ll love Monocle. It’s a great theme because the experience of scrolling through it is like the digital version of walking through an art gallery.

This template lets you add a tidy caption under each image. You could also use this area to provide a small description of the photograph or, perhaps, snippets of your artist statement.

To try Monocle, click here.

10. For the Minimalist Photographer: Obsidian

The minimalist design of this photography web template feels really contemporary. Obsidian lets your photos do the talking through a beautiful horizontal scroll display. You’ll also find some built-in interactions that make your portfolio website feel truly professional, such as color changes when you hover over different collections tabs.

In Obsidian, it’s also easy to isolate any image by clicking on it, which will darken the background and really make that image pop up. Click it again to see that image at a larger size. This design makes it easy and intuitive to for visitors to pause and take a close look at their favorite images.

To try Obsidian, click here.

11. For the Fashion Photographer: Beacon

If you’ve been looking for a fashion-forward theme, Beacon is sure to impress with its beautiful design. With so many options for photo templates online, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, so when you come across a template like Beacon that looks so polished right out of the box, it’s a win!

This is a great theme for any photographer who wants to create very distinct projects on their website. Beacon allows you to create galleries that are all accessible from the home page. Another nice touch is that, for each gallery, you can have a description on the far left that visitors can peruse before scrolling horizontally through the images. Be sure to check out this template if you’re a fashion photographer!

To try Beacon, click here.

12. For the Architecture Photographer: Ora

Ora is another awesome theme for those drawn to the minimalist look. Ora’s sleek design is perfectly suited to an architecture-themed photography website, thanks to its ultra-clean interface.

A great idea for professionals is to incorporate contact forms into the contact page of your website. This way, potential clients can contact you directly through the site. This is easy to do in Ora (and the rest of the Format themes!).

To try Ora, click here.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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