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Zora Ilunga-Reed

“Zora Ilunga-Reed was born and raised in New York City where she attended The Nightingale-Bamford School, graduating in 2018. She currently attends Stanford University where she is studying Philosophy and Literature. ”

Template: Amazon

Larsen Zambrano

“Larsen Zambrano is an illustrator whose work revolves around exploring wonder and adventure. Zambrano is originally from Virginia Beach, but is currently studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her illustrations explore themes of love, magic, color, and storytelling. She also designs objects that stimulate the mind using simple handheld puzzles like marble mazes and gears, based on the concept of fidgeting.”

Template: Albers

Omar Zayed

“Omar Zayed, also known as Ramo, is a Palestinian artist born in Syria and raised in Doha, Qatar. He studies Environmental Design at OCAD University, and uses his student online portfolio to showcase his artwork in the fields of digital art, fashion modeling, photography, and fine art.”

Template: Sun

Ellen Sibley

“Ellen Sibley is an artist who works with themes of artefact memory and loss. Her work focuses on interpretations and metaphors of the vessel. Sibley is interested in the compilation of found imagery and her own work through digital manipulation, drawing, and sculpture. Her student portfolio is organized into titled projects to help enable a straightforward user experience.”

Template: Ora

Emine Oktay

“Emine Oktay is a BA Honors student in Production Arts for Screen: Technical Arts at Wimbledon UAL. She uses her student portfolio to showcase her academic and personal artwork, which ranges from sculpture to filmmaking, as well as a number of other mediums within the technical arts. Her graduate project in school will be a stop motion animation.”

Template: Slate

Updated on June 4, 2021 | By Steph Davidson

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How to create an student art portfolio website.

Attract clients with an student art portfolio that highlights exactly who you are as an student artist. Creating your own online student art portfolio is easy and intuitive with a dedicated student art portfolio website builder. Choose a website builder like Format that comes with blogging, SEO, social media tools, and an online store so you have everything you need to display your work brilliantly and grow your business. We’ve rounded up six simple tips to keep in mind when building your portfolio website.

  1. Sign up for a free trial with Format. No credit card required.
  2. Choose an student art template. Don’t worry—if you change your mind later, you can easily switch templates.
  3. Upload your artwork. Create a gallery or custom page to display your work.
  4. Edit your site. Customize your site menu to include exactly what you want.
  5. Personalize your design. Make it yours and change options like the template preset, fonts, and colors.
  6. Ready to go further? Set up your store, add SEO or social media integration, and more—whenever you want.

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