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Kristin Folsland Olsen

“Kristin Folsland Olsen is an outdoor photographer based out of Lofoten, Norway. Kristin is passionate about nature and outdoor activities, and to capture those magic moment in the mountains. She does both editorial and commercial work, as well as documenting private trips for high-end clients. Her favorite places to shoot is in her home area, Lofoten, and Svalbard. One day Kristin would love to go to Antarctica to photograph penguins, and wildlife in Africa.”

Template: Mica

Anthony Smith

“Born and raised in western Canada, Anthony spent his youth between the prairies and coastal British Columbia, before his family set down roots in Calgary, Alberta. There, Anthony was first introduced to photography. He followed that curiosity to the Emily Carr University of Art and Design and studied Photography. In 2010, he moved to Southern California to work for Bike, Powder, and Paved magazines. From 2015- 2019, Anthony served as the Director of Photography for Bike Magazine. ”

Template: Sierra

Adam Moran

“Adam Moran is a commercial lifestyle and sports photographer based in Los Angeles. Adam spent over a decade traveling the world shooting snowboarding for Burton Snowboards and many other brands and now brings that same fun approach to everything else he shoots. He has an ability to keep things quick, light, and fun while creating moments that feel natural to the viewer. ”

Template: Amazon

Mark Morgan

“Mark Morgan is a Sydney-based photographer specialized in Ocean and Surf photography. He is mostly shooting in the ocean, capturing people and real emotions. His commercial clients are surf and swimwear brands and most of his underwater work is sold as fine art prints. ”

Template: Peak

sandy plenty

“Sandy Plenty is a mountain biker through and through, a geek, a nerd. If it has two wheels, Sandy loves to ride it or take pictures of it. Picking up a camera and capturing the moment on adventures it all started for Sandy. Documenting the world of cycling through images has become an obsession. Sandy's work is centered around the sport of mountain biking, and any form of cycling.”

Template: Horizon Left

Gelani Banks

“Gelani Banks' work focuses on capturing unpredictability, energy, and action. There is more to capturing sports than freezing movement. Most people can capture a noun and even a verb, but he works to capture adjectives and adverbs in every photograph.”

Template: Peak

Kam Mitchell

“There's nothing Kam Mitchell enjoys more than traveling miles into wilderness areas to find the radest couloirs, hanging from a rope on the side of aggressive rock faces, and running the craziest of mountain ridges the northeast has to offer. Kam search for the wildest landscapes this region offers and find someone who truly connects and feels at home in these environments. Kam finds an appreciation for capturing moments that connect with these wild places through details and mountainscapes.”

Template: Peak

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Shot by member Mark Clennon