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Adriana Ayala

“Adriana Ayala is a portrait and fashion photographer based in East London. In 2019, after 8 years of working as a product manager for a big tech company, she decided to quit her day job and pursue the lifelong dream of becoming a professional photographer. Adriana aspires to focus mainly on projects about togetherness and social good.”

Template: Kiln

Benoit Florençon

“Benoit Florençon specializes in architecture and design photography. From retail spaces to scenography and public or private interiors, his work focuses on space, materials, and design details. I work closely with my clients to deliver the best images of their work. I have photographed projects in France, Europe and Asia, working either directly with brands or with architects and event agencies.”

Template: Ora

Sol Bela Mele

“Sol Bela is a 23 years old Barcelona-based photographer with roots in Equatorial Guinea. It all started a few years ago when she opened a fashion blog and realized the lack of cultural diversity in media. This is when she went from being in front of the camera to standing behind it and to show herself, show people of color and her blackness trought the lenses.”

Template: Horizon Left

Alfred Quartey

“Alfred Quartey documents with photography. He has managed to tell the story of humans and their amazing moments across three continents. Together with Pamela, they have been documenting people, events, and weddings ever since they fell in love. Above all things, Alfred enjoys making the dreams of the clients into reality. He loves encapsulating moments that can be relived every time they look at a photograph.”

Template: Kiln

Tyreek Voltaire

“Tyreek Voltaire is a fashion photographer from New Jersey. Growing up, he loved performing and involving himself in anything expressive and artistic. Later, he found his love for photography during his freshman year at Morehouse College. He wants to continue to grow as an artist and is currently interested in fashion and editorial work. With his camera in hand, he wants to continue to capture beauty and authenticity. ”

Template: Horizon Left

Thomas Hollier

“Thomas Hollier has a film background and has worked in Hollywood using digital tools for many years. Throughout that time, they've maintained an active creative practice using those same tools to try and understand how the grammar and meaning of the digital medium differs from previous art forms. ”

Template: Horizon Left

Arsène Marquis

“Arsène Marquis is a French photographer who specializes in portraiture with the process mainly revolving around intimacy, around the special connection that allows creating scenes tailored for the clients. Arsène is self-taught and aims to keep the curiosity by trying new things and new fields. In personal work, Arsène explores queer bodies, both vulnerable and blooming while playing with light, intimacy, and curiosity shaping a portfolio of unique work.”

Template: Iris

Camille Ferré

“Camille Ferré is a french photographer, living in Paris, who seeks to magnify her subject with lights and color. She is in love with portrait, beauty, fashion, and still life photography.”

Template: Offset

Philipp Balunovic

“Born in Munich and raised by the Internet, Philipp Balunovic was fascinated by photography early on in his life and started out by documenting his childhood with the fury of a 3 Megapixel digital camera. His approach and understanding of photography is a mixture of graphic design background, melancholic german suburban aesthetics, American pop culture, and Italian design understanding. ”

Template: Coral

Henry Ninde

“Henry Ninde is a portrait and adventure photographer based out of Tulsa. What you will find in this portfolio is a collection of travels, film, portraits, and other assorted memories. Henry is constantly improving and refining his craft and is determined to tell intentional and aesthetic stories.”

Template: Amazon

Updated on September 29, 2021 | By Steph Davidson

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