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“Tobin Grimshaw is a Canadian photographer with 15 years of experience shooting for National Magazines, Newspapers and Agencies. He has photographed nationally significant aspects of Canada’s natural and cultural heritage, including: the Canadian Railways, the Boreal Forest, Canadian Indigenous communities, and icons such as Wayne Gretzky, Walter Gretzky, Margaret Atwood and Neil Young.”

Template: Order

Riley Goodman

“Riley Goodman inquires folklore, American history, and humankind's relationship with the environments they inhabit in an effort to understand what endures, and how this endurance exists in relation to his own presence in the canon. Goodman's work forms a narrative that rather than noting a specific period, creates an ever-occurring amalgamation of time. He is a 2018 BFA graduate of the VCUarts Department of Photography.”

Template: Horizon

Ivana Escalera

“Ivana Escalera is a photographer and conceptual artist, born and based in London. Her work is distinguished by how experimentally different each photograph can be to the next, but is concurrent by her use of colour and tones, throughout. Ivana frequently depicts thought-provoking, semi-abstract and experimental images through her work.”

Template: Horizon

Patrick James Broadwick

“Patrick James Broadwick is a self-taught photographer living and creating in Baltimore, Maryland. Through his art, he documents entropy, exploring the breaking down of all things in the universe over time—including the self. Patrick received his Bachelor’s of Science in Art History from Towson University.”

Template: Ora

Lindsey Baker

“ Lindsey Baker is a photographer, producer, and content creator. She is often hired to do photography, editing, brand strategy, and social media campaigns. Currently, she is a producer at kate spade new york. Previously, she ran an in-house photo studio for a branding agency specializing in spirits. She lives in Manhattan, by way of Philadelphia, by way of the vast Canadian prairies.”

Template: Horizon

Karlie Hoffman

“Karlie Hoffman is a Detroit-based photographer who spends her time focusing on the creation of product, lifestyle, and portrait images. With the use of lighting techniques, props styling, and vivid color palettes, she aims to develop creative imagery that engages her audience's interests. She dedicates her time creating commercial imagery that represents her detail oriented and technical skills. Karlie has received her BFA in photography at the College for Creative Studies located in Detroit, MI”

Template: Kiln

Kurt Vandeweerdt

“Kurt Vandeweerdt is s self-taught Belgian freelance photographer and filmmaker with expertise in lifestyle & portraits, interior/architecture, corporate assignments, and landscape photography — all bound by a common, timeless style and thoughtful approach. Kurt took a gap-year in 2017 in which he lost himself in photographing landscape and nature. Kurt's love for nature extends to making a donation to plant a tree for every digital image that is sold.”

Template: Amazon

Kevin Putra

“Kevin Putra was graduated from Lasalle College International Jakarta majoring in photography and rewarded as Best photography portfolio. He started his journey in photography as a hobby since high school. He was really excited in photography. As time goes on, He decided to studying photography in Lasalle College. He really believed that photography is his passion. After graduated from Lasalle College, He started to follow his dream and passion to be a full time professional photographer. ”

Template: Offset

Jonathan Ryan Taylor

“Portland, Oregon-based artist, photographer and filmmaker, who's work has been featured by some of the top brands in America. From startups to big market companies, he approaches each client with a unique vision to bring to life new and lasting content for all areas of branding and marketing. ”

Template: Amazon

Susie Shawnee

“Susie is a photographer currently based in Portland, Oregon. Born in Lansing, Michigan, west of Detroit, Susie's earlier work is rooted in the landscapes surrounding her. She has since developed an emphasis in fine art portraiture, informed by her studies with the New York Institute of Photography. Susie's photographs evoke a patina, dreamy rawness; whether the image is grounded in surf and sun or reflects the genuine essence of her subject. She is currently teaching photography for Apple, Inc.”

Template: Horizon Left

Updated on February 26, 2020 | By Steph Davidson

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