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Jiahao Yan

“Ben Yan (严嘉浩) was born in Shanghai, and has lived in London and various parts of the US. Preferring a nomadic lifestyle, Ben continues to travel, often solo. Ben's love for photography began less than a year ago, but he hasn't gone a day since without picking up a camera and honing his craft.”

Theme: Horizon Left

Amelia Burns

“ Born in Ithaca NY and now based in Los Angeles, Amelia is a prolific photographer. Her work focuses on street portraiture and urban landscape, documenting the culture of our present time. Her work explores nature and humanity with humor and depth. Amelia has photographed all over the United States, as well as the world. In 2013, she self published a book, "Everything Belongs", documenting houseless people and the homeless crisis across the USA. ”

Theme: Peak

Neil Ratnavira

““I try to capture how something feels in addition to how it looks” Neil Ratnavira’s photography are his words and his solace. He expresses himself and his inner thoughts via his pictures. He is a self-taught photographer whose style has evolved over the years. The different cultures and countries he has lived in influences his work. He is passionate about photography, art and the humans behind the work. ”

Theme: Panorama

Alfie White

“Alfie White is a street and documentary photographer based in South London. Photographing primarily in the areas he's grown up in, Alfie's work explores the nuances of daily life, focusing on moments of emotion and human intimacy. ”

Theme: Peak

Manuel Peña

“Manuel Pena (b. 1979) is a self-taught photographer from New York. He developed his passion for photography in 2015. Since then he's moved to capturing everyday moments in the streets of New York. For this project, Manuel wanted to provide "a snippet of how I perceive the world. My goal is to tell stories using light, shadow, composition and color. I only have one rule: Shoot anything that interests you and the pieces will fall in place. Enjoy!" Manuel lives in the East Village.”

Theme: Amazon

Nathanaël Fournier

“Nathanaël is a French street and documentary photographer. Before being a photographer, he was a streetwalker. Nathanaël has been walking for years on the streets of Lille where he is from. He was writing on the walls by night and wandering by day. Once he borrowed a point-and-shoot film camera from his girlfriend and has never stopped photographing since then. Nowadays Nathanaël is still working with film cameras and following a motto a friend of mine told him: "Make it simple and efficient".”

Theme: Horizon Left

Steven Tinkler

“Steven Tinkler tends to work using compact digital cameras to capture his street photographs. When not photographing he works in advertising in London at Saatchi & Saatchi and uses Format as a platform for displaying selected advertising work.”

Theme: Fabric

Nuno Silva

“Nuno Silva (Lisbon, 1976) attended the degree in Language and Knowledge Engineering. He is currently the coordinator responsible for a computer development team at a banking institution. He has produced several photographic projects, among them Paredão, exhibited at the Fnac in 2015. He studied at the Atelier de Lisboa in 2016. He released a book called Liberdade in 2018.”

Theme: Slate

Grace Ekpu

“Grace is a documentary photographer in Lagos, Nigeria. She holds a Master of Science degree in Media Management from The University of Glasgow, United Kingdom. As a passionate visual storyteller, she is constantly seeking various avenues to tell the African story from the African perspective. Her work is focused on telling stories of everyday people in her city. Grace's work has been published on various platforms like The BBC and New York Times”

Theme: Horizon

Updated on August 10, 2019 | By Steph Davidson

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