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Matthew Manhire

“Matt Manhire is a photographer & director based in Toronto, Canada. Being whole-heartedly involved is what makes Matthew’s work (and the experience of working with him) so unique and fun. As an artist, he has a genuine interest in connecting with his subjects and environment. He has the ability to create a safe atmosphere on set where talent, client, and crew can feel free to contribute their expertise. Which has proven to create imagery that's as enjoyable to capture, as it is to look at. ”

Template: Order

Glen Dandridge jr

“ Glen is not your just ordinary photographer! Through his experience as a model for brands such as: Levis, Dockers and many more; he knows what is needed in front of the camera, as well as the eye for behind it. His work has evolved over the years after buying his first camera in Belgium in 2014. The effect light has on a subject has been a key focus for Glen, whether he is shooting headshots or a brand's campaign. He's constantly watching light. It's a beautiful unspoken language. ”

Template: Ora

Christopher Malcolm

“Christopher Malcolm is a Los Angeles based advertising and editorial photographer focused on the lifestyle, fitness, and activewear market. Some of his commercial clients include Nike, lululemon, and ASICS. His work has also been featured in publications such as Runner's World, Men's Journal, and the Reader's Digest. He photographed the Yin Yoga book for Penguin Random House. He has won the prestigious IPA Award as well as being selected for American Photography 35.”

Template: Kiln

Piotr Ksiazek

“Piotr Ksiazek is an advertising photographer, director & DP, who specializes in digital campaigns. Piotr's work joins photography and video and has been appreciated by clients such as Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Mastercard, HBO, Costa Coffee, Uber and Philips Sound. ”

Template: Horizon Left

Joe St.Pierre

“Joe St.Pierre is a photographer based out of Boston. He is self-taught with a sincere passion for all things photography, beautiful light, fresh food, sincere people, and inspiring spaces. Joe loves keeping things simple in life and on set as he finds it always produces the best results with the least stress. Joe's work intersects often between lifestyle, food and product but he also loves shooting interiors and still life.”

Template: Peak

Joseph Maquirang

“Maqui is a Manila based photographer and creative, whose work focuses on advertising, commercial, event, and lifestyle documentary photography. His work has been featured on various local and international publications and media In recent years, he closely documents the local rock culture and lifestyle. Present Next. ”

Template: Amazon

Feed It Creative

“Feed It Creative is a Seattle based photography company offering quarterly content for restaurants - for social media and marketing use. They know that menus change with the season and their goal is to keep their client's content fresh. Freshness guaranteed.”

Template: Order

Evan Robinson

“Unexpected delight, photographed from 10,000 feet above the surface of the earth, or 10 inches from a hovering bowl of cereal, make Evan Robinson's work an opportunity to notice the moments which often go...unnoticed. ”

Template: Post

Mike Van Cleven

“Mike Van Cleven abandoned his photography dream at 19. He worked at various FMG and sports/fashion brands and seized the opportunity to pursue his photography dreams again in his mid-twenties, shooting editorials. Mike has lived from airport to airport, shooting editorials and commercials on all continents. Discovering paradises in Central America and Polynesia. He adapted towards film direction and production in 2004. Today he focuses on fashion, lifestyle and commercial photography and film.”

Template: Peak

Ashton Staniszewski

“Atlanta photographer that spent 10 years agency side as an art director making work for fancy clients. Now independent and collaborating with killer creatives and great brands to tell their stories. ”

Template: Amazon

Updated on October 16, 2019 | By Steph Davidson

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