Architecture Photography

Sebastian van damme

“Sebastian is inspired from within the architecture world. Through his understanding of process, architecture and urbanism he excels in envisioning the beauty of the built/unbuilt environment. "As we relocate ourselves from one place to another, architecture and its spatial inversion can be seen as the preconditions of our daily life. Sometimes this is highlighted by remarkable designs and sometimes the non-descript environment has it's own sudden beauty. Together they are my inspiration."”

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Artur Sikora

“Artur graduated in Architecture from Krakow University of Technology in 2000 and spent over 10 years working as an architect. He started his photography career in 2007 slowly stepping away from the designer’s path. In 2011 Artur was awarded ‘B&W Photographer of the Year’ in ‘Time’ single image category by ‘B+W Photography’, UK based magazine and was nominated in a few categories in later editions. Since then his works have been exhibited and published a number of times in Ireland and abroad. ”

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Marco Richter

“Marco Richter is a professional german photographer with 25 years of experience in commercial photography with a passion for excellent results and an expert in digital image processing.”

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Mark Ashbee Photography

“Mark Ashbee is a freelance photographer who specializes in interior photography. He works with hotels, designers, kitchen companies, furniture companies, interior catalogues, corporate businesses, restaurants and magazines. In his photographic style Mark utilises daylight and ambient light with a strong use of symmetry.”

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“DANALKA is a European Architectural Photographer working with architects, engineers, developers, designers, artists, journalists and visualization companies to produce iconic architectural images.”

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Kat Alves

“Kat is an architecture and design photographer based in Northern California. Shoots both commercial and residential spaces. Her work is focused on modern, fresh design. She uses primarily natural light and seeks to represent a space in the most inviting and intriguing way.”

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Miguel Fonta

“Miguel Fonta (Madrid, 1979) is a photographer focused mainly on spaces and people. He holds a Degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Complutense University of Madrid and a Master in Photographic Studies from University of Westminster in London. His photographs have been exhibited individually and in group shows in Spain, London and Budapest. He has worked for the major Spanish newspapers like El Pais, and his work has been published in international magazines.”

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Basel Almisshal

“Basel Almisshal is an award-winning architect, photographer, and creative director. Basel has taught photography and architectural design at the university level and brings expertise in both fields to his work. As an architect and engineer, Basel approaches photography with an understanding and appreciation for detail, design intent, light and shadow, and the structural intricacy of the built environment. ”

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Wouter van der Sar

“For Wouter van der Sar photographing architecture is a pure challenge. He loves isolating specific details and choosing intriguing perspectives to portray the beauty of simple geometry and lines, capturing the image of the graphic aspects of a building to reflect every form of the design to tell a story. ”

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Shyue Woon

“Shyue Woon (b.1975), trained as an Architect, uses photography as a tool to explore subtext in the built environment. In his daily practice as an architect, he turns aspirations and dreams into constructible reality. At night, he reverses the process – deconstructing reality and spaces into fiction and figments of imagination. Shyue Woon’s debut photobook “Dark Cities” won the inaugural First Draft Award. Woon was also selected as an artist in Mt Rokko International Photography Festival.”

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