Architecture Photography

Elyse Kennedy

“Elyse Kennedy is a commercial & residential photographer who champions using natural light throughout all of her work. With a university degree in photography she works creatively and technically to deliver accurate eye catching representations of space to clients in Belfast and the rest of the UK and Ireland. With over 6 years experience at the age of 25 she has dedicated her adult life to refining her photographic skill.”

Template: Ora

Nick Tortajada

“Nick Tortajada's career as a professional photographer has taken him all around the world and afforded me the opportunity to work with incredible creatives. Born from his passion for adventure and travel, Nick have pursued the opportunity to work with some of the leading brands in the outdoor community to produce content across various mediums.”

Template: Peak

Henry Woide

“Henry Woide is a London-based photographer documenting the British-built environment. He has been commissioned across the UK and Europe to document architectural structures, artist installations, and cutting-edge designs. His personal photographic practice is currently focused on contemporary issues surrounding the constructed landscape and is currently studying an MA in Photography at Falmouth University.”

Template: Coral

Robbert Ladan

“Robbert Ladan is a Dutch self-learned photographer, living in the lake side area of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Reeuwijk. Inspired by the beautiful nature and architectural scenes, he started a fascination for landscape- and cityscape photography.”

Template: Peak

Stavros Marmaras

“Stavros is a highly regarded architectural and commercial photographer based in Athens, Greece who has been collaborating with leading architects, publishers, editors, interior designers, and real estate agencies internationally.”

Template: Mica

Santiago Vásquez

“Currently based in Vienna, Santiago began his photography journey in 2013, at the time he was starting as an architecture student. Since then he has travelled mostly across Europe in the hunt of inadvertent moments and provoking locations. He has lived in Madrid, Edinburgh, Berlin and Vienna, cities where he developed his photography-style and consolidated his knowledge as an architect. BIUTI was born as a project that aims to capture the condition that architecture imposes on our human nature. ”

Template: Mica

Matt Van Emmerik

“Matt Van Emmerik is an award-winning photographer specializing in Interiors, Design, and Architectural Photography. He transitioned into photographing spaces for Builders and Designers from a long career of shooting Real Estate. Matt's goal is to produce images that grab people's attention whether they're viewing them on social media or in print. He would like every image he creates to be studied instead of brushing by quickly as so many do in our ever-changing world of marketing.”

Template: Panorama

Jonathan Sage

“Jonathan is an architecture and interiors photographer who enjoys close collaboration with fellow creatives, producing authentic and original photography to showcase their marvellous designs. His previous career as an architect lends a helping hand in understanding the underlying ideas behind every project – and representing the design intent in his images is part of the process that he is particularly passionate about.”

Template: Fabric

Anna Stathaki

“Anna Stathaki is a photographer based in London. Her work, which ranges from architecture and interiors, to portraiture, is informed by her fine art and history of art training. Anna’s portfolio comprises commissions for a wide range of clients, including architects, designers, curators and book publishers, as well as independent projects. Her photographs have appeared in print and online magazines, both in the UK and internationally.”

Template: Amazon

James C Lee

“James C Lee is a Toronto photographer who shoots editorial, interiors and architecture photography. Relishing in the power of simplicity, his visual approach is measured yet spontaneous, natural and inviting. “Don't get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water.” ― Bruce Lee”

Template: Offset

Updated on October 30, 2019 | By Steph Davidson

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