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Tom Kealy

“Tom Kealy is a street photographer based in Berlin. He is interested in the moody, weird, and numinous out and about around the world.”

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Demi Richardson

“Demi Richardson is an analog photographer based in Dallas, TX. 15 years ago, she received a Nikon N2000 from her friend’s father and has been capturing diverse images of people and places ever since. With her preferred medium, her primary interest is in street photography, capturing the raw essence of everyday life while revealing beauty in the mundane and the stories that unfold on the urban canvas. ”

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Le Caron

“Steve is as a multidisciplinary artist who made a career out of his passions. He knows the hard work it takes to transform one's passions into full-time jobs. He has studied in graphic design and is a self-taught photographer. Over time, Steve discovered a love for photography and it kept growing. The passion and excitement he has in photography comes with capturing the right emotion in each image and the story it tells.”

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Armin Graca

“Born in 1990, Armin Graca is a self-taught photographer and self-publisher from Sarajevo. He uses his camera to interact with people and to tell their stories through a visual experience.”

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Michele Piralla

“Michele is an artistic reportage photographer born in 1987 near Orta Lake, in Piedmont, Italy. He loves street photography and everything that is authentic. He loves Leica, Rolleiflex cameras. His favourite photographer is Vivian Maier. Among his works there are clients like Normandy Beach Race France, Lowride Magazine Italia, Royal Enfield, Marina Militare Italiana, Martino Vercesi, Festival dell'Oriente, Accademia di Danza Susanna Beltrami.”

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Stephen Leslie

“Stephen Leslie is a photographer and writer based in London. He still shoots on film and all of the images are candid, street photography. Nothing is set up or pre-planned. What he then do is write fictionalized stories about these 'real' images. His book SPARKS is a hardback collection of 80 photographs and stories.”

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“Robin is a young French artist born in Normandy. They summarily go out and capture people passing by, unfolding landscapes, and urban movements. Each person out there have their own energy and by capturing it, Robin can describe what the world look like through their photography. A subtle oscillation between presence and absence where they capture the mood of the environment.”

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Sai Min Htet Oo

“Sai Min Htet Oo is a freelance street photographer based in New York, born in Myanmar also known as Burma. He wasn't sure what he wanted to do when he grows up. He always loves to take pictures and as he gets older his passion for photography grows. So he started to capture the sincerity of people's expression, beautiful light, spaces, and whatever he see on the street.”

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Lerone Pieters

“Lerone Pieters is a New York City based professional photographer. His goals are to ensure a story is being told and that the character of the environment is accurately portrayed through his visuals. His dedication has been rewarded with several international awards and publications.”

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Daniel Mitchell

“Unposed and unnoticed. It's important that Daniel Mitchell show people as they are - candid photographs of people in public. He gets close, normally using a wide angle lens, looking for character, perhaps humour and always a little story imagined.”

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