Photography portfolio website examples.

Nuno Silva

“Nuno Silva (Lisbon, 1976) attended the degree in Language and Knowledge Engineering. He is currently the coordinator responsible for a computer development team at a banking institution. He has produced several photographic projects, among them Paredão, exhibited at the Fnac in 2015. He studied at the Atelier de Lisboa in 2016. He released a book called Liberdade in 2018.”

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“Wan Chee Michelle Chan is a visual storyteller. Her oeuvre explores human relationships and the myriad ways of creating narratives that obscure the often fragile boundaries between fact and fiction. She has had her work exhibited in major venues in Hong Kong as well as internationally, in places as diverse as Arles, Berlin, Budapest, Dublin, Siem Reap, Taipei, and Toronto. Her work has been featured in e.g. PhotoVogue Italia, National Geographic, Wild Dog in Paris, and SCMP Magazines.”

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Gaby Deimeke

“Gaby is adventurous, energetic, and lives up to the “gabby” part in her name. Gaby’s favorite style of photography is portraiture, and the exciting challenge of using photography as a medium to capture the likeness and personality of those around her. Gaby spent the past few years in London, shooting for London Fashion Week, ASBO Magazine, stylists, bloggers, and fashionistas. Gaby's work has taken her to 26 countries and 140 cities, including her favorite, London.”

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Lindsay Lauckner Gundlock

“ Lindsay Lauckner Gundlock, is an editorial and advertising photographer. Her favourite things to shoot are spaces, food, and people. Influenced by her fine art background she looks for emotion when she makes photographs. Lindsay is not making pictures, she is likely reading a novel, playing tour guide, or eating far too many pastries.”

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Jonas Yuan

“Jonas Yuan is an award-winning photographer known for his lighting style and storytelling capacity. He combines his aspiration for classical art and obsession for cinematic lighting to tell stories memorably. His images have been featured on from a billboard in Sunset Blve LA to Forbes magazine.”

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Oscar Munar

“International photographer and art visionary Oscar Munar is inspired by the ever-changing silhouettes that cross in front, behind and all around him. He takes an unconventional and intense perspective of lights and shadows and the crosswinds of fashion and nature, coupled with an uncompromising eye towards the female body and the sense of the immediate, real and often raw. Always trying to capture the moment, look and strength that each image transmits.”

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Christoph Ziegenhardt

“Christoph is a humanitarian, editorial and portrait photographer with vast experience capturing humanitarian stories and NGO projects. Having grown up in East Germany and East Africa and now living in Australia, Christoph has engaged deeply with the concept of the "Other" and his mantra "there is no Other" informs his photographic approach working with people from all backgrounds, faiths and circumstances, looking to share the commonalities of our human experiences. ”

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Johnny McCormack

“Johnny has been a professional photographer spanning almost two decades and contributing regularly to a variety of local and international publications and for a diverse stable of clients across the globe. He has traveled the world extensively, creating and capturing some of the snow industry’s most iconic images. Johnny began his photographic career in early 2000 after graduating with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in photography from the esteemed Victoria University School of Design.”

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Stella Bonasoni

“Stella Bonasoni is an Italian fashion photographer with a great love for art and Japanese culture. She never thought of become a photographer until she bought her first camera while attending Communication Science university. Master of shadows, elegant simplicity, lush and multidimensional atmospheres, she got her works published on Elle, Grazia, Marie Claire, L'Officiel, Esquire and many other magazines. ”

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Josh Munger

“Josh Munger LTD is a consulting and media production firm for the Defense Media and Firearms industry, specializing in content production both for the Internet and Print and as a link between outdoor media and the firearms industry on topics like branded production and advertising.”

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