Photography portfolio website examples.

Daria Huxley

“Daria Huxley is an award-winning professional photographer & creative director residing in Brooklyn, NY. She has lived, studied and worked in Germany, Belgium, Russia, Portugal and Hong Kong. Daria's career as a photographer has lasted over a decade. In photography she specializes in portraiture, travel, and fine art architecture. Currently she is working as a producer at Brooklyn-based creative production company Fourwind Films. ”

Theme: Horizon Left

Damian Levingston

“Damian Levingston is a London based creative, specialising in photography and design. He is currently working on a video in collaboration with composer Stefan Smith for his soon to be released album, Figure in a Landscape. His work has taken him around the globe from North Korea to Yemen, he has been featured on the BBC, The Guardian and was runner up in the ‘Travel Photographer of the Year’ competition.”

Theme: Ora

Simon Tupper

“Simon's quest to photograph people in the perfect light has led him to over forty different countries. That means he's found himself in some amusing situations. Like the time he thought he was being abducted by a client in Mexico City. Or the time he lay on a tea bush to frame a shot and got ants up his trousers. He is based in London and runs photographic holidays around the world as well as producing commercial work for various UK and international brands.”

Theme: Amazon

Irene Tondelli Studio

“Irene Tondelli - Italy - is a landscape, outdoor and documentary photographer. In the last few years she teaches photography storytelling classes and workshop around Italy. Her work is featured in national and international magazines. She is mentioned by Gup Magazine and Fresh Eyes in the list of the 100 best emerging photographers in Europe in 2019.”

Theme: Fabric

Kai Gradert

“Kai is an international still and timelapse photographer from California. He specializes in landscape, nightscapes, and motion control timelapse photography. His work has appeared in commercials, documentaries, magazines and television productions from around the world. After earning an engineering and design degree in Germany, Kai relocated to the United States. His combined background in physics, engineering, and design uniquely qualify him to combine art and science.”

Theme: Amazon

Samy Olabi

“Multiple Award Winning Syrian/Egyptian Photographer based in Dubai UAE. Inspired by his love for nature and night skies, Samy Al Olabi reaches for the stars from the dark corners of Arabia. ”

Theme: Slate

Marta Ruggeri

“Often seeking isolation, Marta Ruggeri finds resonance in natural surroundings. Silence, solitude and reverenced observation are key elements that affect her photography process, in the pursue of a gracefull hymn to natural scenery.”

Theme: Panorama


“Dibs is a Norfolk photographer documenting landscape, architecture, decay and the history of locations. He likes to challenge people’s perceptions of decaying objects and how they co-exist on the land.He is conscious of the environment and surroundings. Enhancing these environments with different camera techniques. These include long exposure photography, light painting and using an element of both ambient and artificial light to create his images. ”

Theme: Obsidian

Tatum Kempers

“Tatum Kempers is a Dutch artist based in Silvolde The Netherlands. She is a multi-disciplinary. Mostly she makes selfportraits. Tatum Kempers also creates video’s for bands and art-installations together with her husband Rick Kup. She graduated at the school for photography (Breda, Netherlands) in 2014. Photos of her were published in New Dutch Photography Talent in 2018 by the makers of Gup Magazine. Her work is shown in exhibitions national and international. ”

Theme: Order

Mark Forbes

“Mark Forbes is an Australian photographer. He is best known for his considered and atmospheric photography of street scenes, urban landscapes and structures. He employs film as his medium of choice for personal work - both 35mm and medium format. Mark's approach to photography comes from an underlying fascination with people and their interaction with the environment. He has an uncanny knack of capturing the layers of beauty that exist everywhere around us. He is represented by INSTITUTE.”

Theme: Order

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